Top 5 SUP Spots: Sardinia

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is renowned for offering you endless exploring opportunities all over the world. Add yoga into the mix and you’ll guarantee to uncover a whole new experience on your SUP.

The Bluefin iSUP package offers you just the most amazing bag and inflatable equipment, making it easy to carry around your SUP wherever adventure takes you. For a travel addict like myself, this really is a MUST HAVE package, especially to reach those cut-off locations on foot.

So let me introduce myself, my name is Camilla Pagliarosi (@camilla.roses) and from recently visiting Sardina’s Western coasts, I’ve got some insider tips to share with you about the very best locations to visit!


Located in South-West Sardinia near Iglesias, Masua, with its crystal clear waters and incredible sunsets, is a little slice of Heaven. I spent a few days living here in a camper van, just 2 minutes walk away from the sea. During the day it could be a little windy whilst paddling on the water, which could be a challenge for some beginner paddlers. But the early morning sunrises and late afternoon sunsets are truly spectacular, especially with the sea being much calmer to paddle on at this time of day. I would practice yoga on my Bluefin SUP everyday before sunset as it always made me feel relaxed and connected to nature.  


Located in Southern Sardinia near Cagliari, Chia is an absolutely stunning beach. With a small and sweet sandy bay, you’ll be able to practice yoga in the mornings when the wind is calm, and there aren’t many people around to disturb you. It’s truly the most wonderful beach to paddle around and stretch those yogic muscles.

Golfo di Orosei

The Golfo di Orosei is surrounded by unspoilt narrow stretches of beaches, as well as cliffs which overlook the sea in a unique mixture of colors. It’s quite an adventure paddling from the first beach (Cala Fuili) to the last one (Cala Goloritze), but you’ll love the thrill of it. Nature is art on this coastline, full of white sea caves, white sand beaches and mesmerising light blue crystal clear waters, you won’t be able to take your eyes off Golfo di Orosei’s natural beauty.

Stintino Beach and Asinara Island

With its wide stretch of golden sand, Stintino is a popular beach in the North of Sardinia. But even better than the beautiful beaches is the chance to reach “Asinara Island,” a wild little island which is protected as a Natural Reserve…and, most importantly its waters are full of life for you to explore with your stand up paddle board. If you were able to visit Asinara Island, I promise you it’ll be one of the highlights of your trip!

Porto Conte and Capo Caccia

If you are a deep blue lover then this is the place for you! Starting from a tiny beach you’ll paddle towards the beautiful rock in front of Capo Caccia, and expect to uncover deep blue water, huge white cliffs and numerous green trees on your way. There is also the chance to visit the caves, which are amazing! (although I recommend you don’t use your SUP to explore these caves, you’ll understand why when you see the caves!). After paddling you can walk up the cape and witness a sunset which will take your breath away.

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