What Are The Differences?


2019 Cruise Model

The second version of Cruise was launched thanks to you, we took on your feedback and made the board even better than the original with improved finboxes and a stiffer ride.

2020 Cruise Model

The Lockdown year, but that didnt stop us, we went one step further than last time and made all the fins removable and upgraded the accessories but the board still wasnt light enough.

2022 Cruise Model

A legacy was born, we made it 30% lighter than before but just as rigid, Improved all the accessories to be even more premium and refined the overall board design. Oh and not to forget, we added 5 colours to the range.

How We've Revolutionised The Cruise

What makes the new board an upgrade from the previous model? We have added patented safety innovations and made things easier for you to personalise your Cruise the way you want it.

01. Refined Board Design

You asked, we listened... The new Cruise is 30% lighter than before, has a longer deck-pad for even better kick turns and is slightly stiffer than the previous model. Theres now 3 action camera mounts on the board, reflective D-ring mounts and detachable bungee clips.

02. More colours

Pink, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple take your pick, Cruise is now the same bard just in any colour you like. Stand out this summer and personalise your paddling experience.

03. Improved Paddle

We have refined the fibreglass reinforced paddle design and improved the shape of the paddle blade. The new paddle is just as light as the previous one but even stronger than before being able to bear 60kg and has a really nice matt finish.

04. Enhanced Bag Construction

The bag has been designed to hold all your gear and your lunch. Other brands give you a basic, almost see through carrier bag, but not us. The Cruise Bag is made from the most high quality materials, has enough support straps to keep you going and is super comfy over a long period.

05. Inflate And Deflate

The new included compact pump packs down even smaller than before, gets your board inflated in less than 10 mins and for the first time lets you deflate the board down to its smallest size for an even more portable SUP experience.

06. Super Comfy Kayak Seat

Our new Inflatable kayak seat, exclusively available with the Legacy Blue Cruise, is best in class and worth sitting on. It attaches to SUP's and Kayaks, has an inflatable seat base and fibreglass rods in the backrest for the most support.


Both cruise designs are awesome, wether you are looking for something that costs less of if you prioritise design and want more bang for your buck we've got you covered.

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