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Free Gift With Legacy Blue 10'8 & 12'On sale
Cruise 10'8 | 12' | 15' Inflatable PaddleboardsCruise 10'8 | 12' | 15' Inflatable Paddleboards
Cruise 10'8 | 12' | 15' Inflatable Paddleboards Sale priceFrom £399.00 Regular price£599.00
Save 35%
Sprint 14' Inflatable PaddleboardSprint 14' Inflatable Paddleboard
Sprint 14' Inflatable Paddleboard Sale price£389.00 Regular price£599.00
Lightest BoardOn sale
Cruise Lite Inflatable Paddleboard RangeCruise Lite Inflatable Paddleboard Range
Cruise Lite Inflatable Paddleboard Range Sale priceFrom £479.00 Regular price£549.00
Limited StockStrongest Lightweight BoardSave 11%
Cruise Lite Carbon Inflatable PaddleboardCruise Lite Carbon Inflatable Paddleboard
Cruise Lite Carbon Inflatable Paddleboard Sale price£799.00 Regular price£899.00
Classic ModelSave 43%
Cruise 15 Clearance Inflatable PaddleboardCruise 15 Clearance Inflatable Paddleboard
Cruise 15 Clearance Inflatable Paddleboard Sale price£429.00 Regular price£749.00
Fathers Day SpecialStrongest All-Round BoardOn sale
Cruise Carbon Inflatable Paddleboard RangeCruise Carbon Inflatable Paddleboard Range
Cruise Carbon Inflatable Paddleboard Range Sale priceFrom £539.00 Regular price£899.00
Save 25%
Aura Fit 10'8 Inflatable PaddleboardAura Fit 10'8 Inflatable Paddleboard
Aura Fit 10'8 Inflatable Paddleboard Sale price£411.00 Regular price£549.00
Classic ModelSave 40%
Cruise Carbon 15 Clearance PaddleboardCruise Carbon 15 Clearance Paddleboard
Cruise Carbon 15 Clearance Paddleboard Sale price£599.00 Regular price£999.00
Save 15%
Nitro 14' Inflatable PaddleboardNitro 14' Inflatable Paddleboard
Nitro 14' Inflatable Paddleboard Sale price£679.00 Regular price£799.00
Save 25%
Rogue 12'6 Inflatable PaddleboardRogue 12'6 Inflatable Paddleboard
Rogue 12'6 Inflatable Paddleboard Sale price£599.00 Regular price£799.00
Save 20%
Voyage 10'10 Inflatable PaddleboardVoyage 10'10 Inflatable Paddleboard
Voyage 10'10 Inflatable Paddleboard Sale price£559.00 Regular price£699.00
2-3 PersonSave 29%
Ranger Inflatable KayakRanger Inflatable Kayak
Ranger Inflatable Kayak Sale price£424.00 Regular price£599.00
1-2 PersonSave 25%
Scout Inflatable KayakScout Inflatable Kayak
Scout Inflatable Kayak Sale price£299.00 Regular price£399.00
Great For Kids!Save 30%
Cruise Junior 8' Inflatable PaddleboardCruise Junior 8' Inflatable Paddleboard
Cruise Junior 8' Inflatable Paddleboard Sale price£349.00 Regular price£499.00
Save 33%
Voyage Clearance 10'10 Inflatable PaddleboardVoyage Clearance 10'10 Inflatable Paddleboard
Voyage Clearance 10'10 Inflatable Paddleboard Sale price£399.00 Regular price£599.00
Save 60%
12V Clearance Electric SUP Pump12V Clearance Electric SUP Pump
12V Clearance Electric SUP Pump Sale price£51.00 Regular price£129.00
Inflate/Deflate TechSave 25%
Bluefin SUP Electric Pump E-SwiftE-Swift Electric Pump
E-Swift Electric Pump Sale price£119.00 Regular price£159.00
Lightweight DesignSave 24%
An electric SUP (stand-up paddleboard) pump with multiple nozzles attached, ready to inflate inflatable watercraft effortlessly.An electric SUP (stand-up paddleboard) pump with multiple nozzles attached, ready to inflate inflatable watercraft effortlessly.
E-Swift Lite Electric Pump Sale price£89.99 Regular price£119.00
Save 20%
Heatwave Changing RobeHeatwave Changing Robe
Heatwave Changing Robe Sale price£119.00 Regular price£149.00
Save 13%
Bluefin SUP Waterproof Deck Bag Dri-Tide Dri-Tide Deck Bag
Dri-Tide Deck Bag Sale price£99.99 Regular price£114.99
Save 10%
Bluefin SUP Kayak SeatInflatable Kayak Seat
Inflatable Kayak Seat Sale price£62.99 Regular price£69.99
Save 10%
Kayak PaddleKayak Paddle
Kayak Paddle Sale price£62.99 Regular price£69.99
Save 12%
Mammoth 18' Inflatable PaddleboardMammoth 18' Inflatable Paddleboard
Mammoth 18' Inflatable Paddleboard Sale price£1,149.00 Regular price£1,299.00
Save 10%
Play Air Dock 7Play Air Dock 7
Play Air Dock 7 Sale price£674.00 Regular price£749.00
On sale
Cruise 9'8 | 10'4 Inflatable PaddleboardsCruise 9'8 | 10'4 Inflatable Paddleboards
Cruise 9'8 | 10'4 Inflatable Paddleboards Sale priceFrom £329.00 Regular price£549.00