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Which board is for me?

Sprint vs Nitro vs Rogue

From construction materials to performance features, find the perfect fit specialist board for your next aquatic adventure with ease.

Which board is for me?

  • Sprint

    Tailored for adventurers who crave speed and exploration. Designed for touring, it effortlessly slices through waves while maintaining stability on flat waters. Crafted with a streamlined profile and double-layer side rails, this board boasts an aerodynamic finish, ensuring smooth gliding.

  • Nitro

    For the competitive racer. Fast, light and aerodynamic. Our ultimate inflatable stand up race paddleboard. A refined nose, ultra-sleek profile and rear speed rail make for smoother, quicker water release. Our specialised NXT series single race fin setup means this board delivers superb tracking and control without drag.

  • Rogue

    For explorers without limits. Dynamic, robust and stable. Our next-generation SUP is crafted for the adventurous. Enhanced tracking thanks to its narrow box, stern and specialised single touring fin makes this board the ultimate companion to those who want to journey farther.



    Featuring a streamlined profile and double-layer side rails, this board offers smooth gliding in choppy waters. Its pointed 14′ hull enhances waterline glide for better tracking, enabling you to cover more distance with each stroke.

  • kick pad

    Our Sprint board is equipped with a kick pad to execute quick and controlled turns with ease. By providing a designated area at the tail for foot pressure, the kick pad enhances maneuverability, allowing for agile navigation around obstacles and effortless adjustments in direction.

  • Performance-focused

    Featuring a non-slip Croco-Diamond deck pad, ensuring comfort and stability while paddling. Its kick pad enables swift and precise turns, enhancing agility on the water. Additionally, equipped with duo secure cargo nets and multiple D-rings.


  • designed for speed

    The Nitro stands out as our lightweight option, boasting over 15% less weight compared to our Sprint board.With a refined nose, ultra-sleek profile, and rear speed rail, it ensures smoother and quicker water release. A masterclass in performance engineering, this board will ensure you’re nose and tail head ahead of the pack.

  • single race fin setup

    Crafted with a focus on achieving speed and agility, the NXT Race SUP fin is purpose-built to enhance your paddleboarding experience. Its extended fin length, upright leading edge, and reduced surface area work in unison to maintain peak board performance, even at higher speeds.

  • racing focused

    The Nitro's deck pad is upgraded with a footing location arch bar, ensuring effortless foot positioning without the need to look. Additionally, it incorporates detachable race handles positioned at the front, middle, and rear, strategically lightening the board's load during races for optimal performance.

Why Rogue?

  • generous cargo space

    The Rogue boats storage space, ensuring seamless transportation of all essential gear and equipment. We've integrated a customizable storage system with two bungee areas, enabling secure gear storage and adaptable board configuration tailored to your specific needs.

  • touring fin set up

    Designed by industry professionals for endurance and long-distance touring, the NXT Tour SUP fin is your ideal companion for multi-day explorations. With its medium fin length and a swept-back leading edge, it's designed to maximize tracking, stability, and paddling efficiency.

  • built for adventures

    For explorers without limits. Dynamic, robust and stable. With a wider profile than the Sprint and Nitro, it accommodates more equipment and maintains stability in rough conditions. Its piercing nose ensures speed as you traverse from shore to shore and can carry a max weight of 170kg.


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