Is The Carbon Range Worth The Upgrade?



Marine Grade ESL construction

Marine Grade ESL construction, with FRS (flex reduction system) and Airduo chamber for enhanced strength and safety.

Stiffness Level

8.5/10 as reviewd by SUP Boarder Mag

9.5/10 as reviewed by SUP Boarder Mag

  • Dual action pump
  • Fibreglass paddle
  • Smartlock fins
  • SUP backpack
  • Inflatable kayak seat 10'8 Legacy Blue only
  • Ankle leash
  • Watertight phone case
  • Portable repair kit
  • Tripple action pump
  • Carbon Fibre paddle
  • Smartlock and US Box fins
  • SUP backpack
  • Inflatable kayak seat 10'8 only
  • Ankle leash
  • Watertight phone case
  • Portable repair kit
Experience Level

Great For Beginners

Perfect for beginners and intermediates

  • 3x action camera mounts
  • kayak conversion D-Rings
  • 3x Neoprene handles
  • Front detachable bungees
  • 5x action camera mounts
  • Kayak conversion D-Ring mounts
  • 5x Neoprene handles
  • Front and rear detachable bungees for 100% more storage space
Fin System

1 large and 2 small Smartlock fins

1 large US Box fin and 2 Small Smartlock fins for greater versatility

Why Upgrade To Carbon?

Closest ISUP To A Hardboard

So what makes the Carbon upgrades so special? SUP Boarder Magazine were left stunned by the extra stiffness when they reviewed the Cruise Carbons. They rated them 9.5/10 & extremely good value for the money and they were among the stiffest inflatable boards they’d ever tested!

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No Flex Guaranteed

The added construction details featuring FRS (Flex Reduction System) carbon-rails & the AIR|DUO inflation system really does make that extra difference when it comes to sturdiness.

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Flex Reduction System

Carbon rails for added rigidity

Air Duo - Dual chambers

Maximum Inflation Tech

Exo-Surface Laminate

The Strongest Material Yet

Premium Carbon Accessories

Each Carbon board comes equipped with a range of premium accessories, including a versatile US Box Fin system that enables effortless interchangeability and upgrades. Additionally, our Carbon boards feature a state-of-the-art carbon-fiber shaft paddle, meticulously engineered to provide unparalleled lightweight performance.

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