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Swap the Gym for your SUP!

Jenny Buckley |


Paddle boarding is not just fun, it’s a great way to maintain or improve your health. Swapping the gym for your SUP makes things more interesting and adds another tool to your fitness box. Benefits ranging from improvement of overall fitness to helping you de-stress are just as applicable on a SUP as in the gym. Read on for an overview of the health benefits of stand up paddle boarding.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding requires considerable core strength to balance and paddle. This makes it an excellent way to strengthen and even visibly chisel your core. Abs aren’t the only muscle group that will feel the burn. Arms, back and even chest will work in unison to move you across the water. Although paddling isn’t as intense on your lower body, your legs will still work. Stand up paddling is done with a bent knee stance. Maintaining this position, especially on bumpy water takes strength and stamina.

Strength training, yoga and other fitness routines on a paddleboard are far more difficult than on dry land. Your board is a floating platform for any workout you choose, just be sure to wear something you can swim in. if SUP yoga is something you will be doing a lot of, you might consider investing in an extra wide yoga board. It can be done on standard SUPs so long as they aren’t race specific.

If you feel like mixing things up and getting some fresh air with your workout, SUP is the way forward.

Yoga on a SUP is more challenging than on the mat

Source – Bluefin SUPs


Stand up paddle boarding can provide a killer cardio workout. It offers the same benefits to your overall health as a run does minus the joint impact. Depending on how hard you train, it can also be a great way to lose weight.

Paddling in its own right can be as intense or relaxing as you’d like it to be. The rougher the water the harder you have to work to stay upright and dig your paddle into the water. Training to race, even if you never cross a starting line, can make for gruelling cardio.

Stretch, train, relax on your SUP

Source – Bluefin SUP

Relax on your SUP

Heading out to a quiet and calm stretch of water can instantly help you unwind. SUP yoga has become super popular lately for a reason.  As with SUP, yoga is infinitely tailor-able. Combining two versatile activities can make for double the relaxation.

Exposure to water and sunshine are sure to have a positive effect on your mental health and well-being. Many people also take advantage of serene locations to meditate on their SUP or enjoy a nice long savasana.

The possibilities for promoting your health and well being are as limitless as your reasons for wanting to! Get out on your SUP today, even 20 minutes on the water will help move you in a healthier, more positive direction. There are a million reasons why you should paddleboard too.