How To Store Your Paddle Board In Winter

Here’s a few tips I found useful while storing my paddle board during winter. Whether you have a garage or shed or even a room you can keep the board safe, it’s always good to ensure the board is kept stored correctly, ready for the warmer months for your next adventures. If like me you try to go out in any season, you still want to keep you board stored well when our wet and colder months hit.

I’ve been paddle boarding now for 3 years, and am happily a member of the Bluefin Ambassador program. I’m sure like me you love your paddle board, there’s nothing worse I could think of is getting ready for a paddle to find something wrong with your board. I couldn’t fault my Bluefin Cruise 10’8 board, such an amazing paddle board!

Before storing your board, it’s always best to give it a good thorough clean and dry. This includes all the accessories too, paddle, fins, pump and the bag itself. I tend to find a lot of sand in my bag, which doesn’t help with carrying (always worth the trip though).

Protective Spray 

Before packing your board and accessories away, it’s good to grab some WD40 to remove any rust that may have built up on ‘D’ rings or Kayak clips. Apply a very small amount to a cloth and wipe the affected area only.

Storing your Paddleboard

Once everything is ready, it’s time to store it in the bag, I try to deflate my board as best as I can. I personally prefer storing the board in the bag rather than leaving it inflated. This ensures the board stays protected but also it saves a lot of space. On this note though, if you are planning on storing the board for the whole of winter, it’s a good idea to blow the board up now and again to ensure it still keeps its pressure.

Keep in mind

If you store you board in a garage or a shed, try to make sure it’s not against the walls, this helps prevent any condensation.

Hopefully you can go out during the winter, because let’s be honest its one of the most enjoyable sports around (even if I am biased). If you don’t, I hope these tips help and here’s to another season next year! 

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