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Joanna Shimwell: Sharing Her SUP Journey and Insights

Jenny Buckley |

We spoke to Joanna Shimwell, a SUP-er based in the UK, all about how and why she likes to paddle.

Why did you start paddleboarding?

My interest in paddle boarding started off by watching other people out on the ocean – often first thing in the morning or in the evening when the sea was beautiful and calm. It looked like an incredibly peaceful way to become immersed with your surroundings.

When I got my board, my first paddle was out in the pouring rain. It felt amazing to be out on the water with droplets splashing all around me. It was quite hypnotic as I got into my rhythm paddling through the water and getting used to the sound of the board as it moves.

Why do you enjoy stand up paddleboarding?

When I’m out on the board I feel focused, and in that moment,  I really try to absorb my surroundings and listen to the sounds around me. It’s usually so peaceful and soothing. I forget all my responsibilities and worries and I truly enjoy the experience of the here and now.

I love being outdoors and physical activities and paddle boarding is a great way to work the body and experience the outdoors from a different perspective. Standing up on the board is such a rewarding feeling, and I couldn’t stop smiling the first time I was up and realised how comfortable I felt.

What do you think of your Bluefin SUP?

As a beginner I’m excited to take the board to tons of beautiful places and try it out. The fact it’s really portable and packs away small is a huge bonus as I can take it around very easily. It really doesn’t take long to pump up and I use the pumping as a good warm up before getting onto the water.

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