The Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SUP has soared in popularity over recent years. And it’s not hard to see why…

The benefits of stand up paddleboarding outweigh many other watersports, and anyone can do it! Suitable for virtually all ages and abilities, you don’t have to be a fitness pro to pick up a SUP and get paddling.

So, if you’ve never hopped on a board before, here’s all the key benefits you could experience. And they’re not just fitness-related, either. 

1. Aids weight loss

SUP is often overlooked when it comes to working out. After all, HOW is standing still on a board and paddling really exercising?!

Well (trust us), it is. Stand up paddleboarding does wonders for your core strength and burns serious calories. An hour session of paddling can burn up to 400-500 calories, helping boost overall fitness and aid weight loss. 

So, if you’re looking to drop a few pounds, you don’t have to sweat on a treadmill to get fit. Grab a board, and get out on the water!

2. Low impact

If you suffer with joint pain, SUP is a great low impact alternative to exercises like running. You’ll still burn calories and tone up, without putting your knees or ankles under painful pressure. 

3. Helps strengthen joints

Following on from benefit no.2, stand up paddleboarding also helps reinforce and stabilise weak joints. 

When balancing on a SUP, you automatically engage the smaller muscles in your lower legs and feet. This engagement of balance replicates common physio exercises, and strengthens joint support in a way regular activities can’t achieve.

4. Improves stamina

SUP isn’t just awesome for burning those calories. You’ll build serious stamina and endurance with paddling – simply because of how enjoyable it is! 

You can spend all day paddling without a care in the world. And before you know it, you’ve been SUPing for hours without even realising you’re working a whole bunch of muscles. Your stamina will improve as a result, and you’ll find yourself able to enjoy traditional exercises like running and cycling for longer. 

5. Reduces stress

There’s no denying that stand up paddleboarding is super fun. But when SUPing alone in calm waters, there’s nothing more relaxing and stress-relieving. 

2020 hasn’t been easy on us, and there’s never been a more important time to be mindful of our physical and mental health. Lucky for us paddlers, SUP can help take care of both. 

Paddling through still, silent water and taking in stunning views is one of the most calming activities you can do. You’ll experience feelings of wellbeing and contentment, and can escape the chaos of everyday life – even if just for an hour. 

6. Super versatile

Did you know you can use paddle boards for surfing and aqua yoga, too? 

A SUP allows you to enjoy a whole range of awesome water-based activities, with our Aura Fit being a great option if you want a versatile board. Offering extra deck space perfect for yoga, the Aura is still sleek and streamlined – ideal for leisurely paddling and exploring after a relaxing yoga session!

7. Explore places you wouldn’t otherwise reach

Ever seen an intriguing-looking island you’d love to explore? But there’s no way of reaching it? A paddle board can save the day. 

SUPing allows you to access so many more awesome destinations on your own terms. Places you’d either have to hop on a boat to see, or even swim to. But with a SUP by your side and some paddling skills under your belt, you can view and explore a bunch of new places from a whole different perspective.

8. Works your whole body

If you thought stand up paddleboarding only worked your arms, you couldn’t be more wrong…

The action of paddling works a huge range of muscle groups, including your back, shoulders, core, and legs. In fact, it’s your core that puts in the most work – a fact that often surprises SUP newcomers. 

Your legs are always working to keep you stabilised, while your shoulders and back do most of the groundwork when it comes to paddling. And your core holds it all together by keeping you balanced. 

So, you can say goodbye to relentless sit-ups and crunches if you want abs of steel. Pick up a SUP and paddle the day away!

There you have it – 8 key benefits of a stand up paddle board. SUP isn’t just brilliant for our physical health; it can be hugely beneficial for mental health, too. Especially important in these trying times. 

And it’s not just people who love paddleboarding! We know plenty of adorable pooches who love nothing more than hopping on a board and enjoying the water. So, if you’re keen to introduce your pup to SUP but aren’t sure how, check out this simple guide for some top tips.

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