Introducing the Aura Fit: Our New SUP Yoga Board

What better way to boost 2020 than with a brand new SUP?! 

You heard it here first – the Aura Fit is available to order now!

Expertly designed for added balance, the 10’8 Aura will become your new go-to if aqua based fitness is your thing. Think yoga and pilates, plus all-round paddling too of course!

Aura Fit Features

We designed the Aura Fit to feature everything we all know and love about our existing boards. But with a little added balance, convenience, and style. 

Premium construction

Like all our SUPs, the Aura features unbeatable construction designed to last a lifetime. This board is equipped with the densest drop stitch pattern on the market today, ensuring maximum rigidity when inflated. 

You’ll also experience our unique exo surface laminate technology. Super tough and fully UV resistant, this specialised board coating takes longevity to brand-new heights.

Extra space for better balance

Almost 10cm wider than our classic Cruise, the Aura Fit provides extra deck space to keep you feeling balanced and stable. Perfect for chilled activities like yoga and pilates on the water.

You can complete your workout in peace, without having to worry about sudden wobbles and splashes. This board doesn’t feature a central carry handle either, meaning you’ve got an ultra-smooth deck to work with. 

And if you’re a newcomer to SUP, the extra space delivers added stability when paddling. Great for beginners!

Smooth shape for all-round paddling

It’s not just aqua-based yoga you can achieve with the Aura. The specially rounded nose and tail make for smooth, easy paddling in a variety of conditions. 

Whether on a lake or ocean, this board has you covered. Designed to be just as much of an all-rounder as our famous Cruise, the Aura offers the perfect combination of strength and versatility. 

So what are you waiting for? Available to order now, the Aura Fit is in stock now!

Providing a whole new frontier in aqua-based fitness, this board offers balance at its finest. We can’t wait to hear all about your Aura adventures! 

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