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Which SUP Should I Buy?

Jenny Buckley |

Here at Bluefin, we’re 100% dedicated to providing a SUP for everyone. No matter your height, age or skill level, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect board with us!

But if you’re a newcomer to the wonderful world of paddleboarding, knowing which SUP is best for you can be a little challenging. Especially with the amount of award-winning models available in our range. 

To help you out, we’ve created a simple guide for choosing your perfect SUP. Taking all important aspects of boarding into account, here’s the lowdown on our most popular models so you can find your ideal match.


What we call the ultimate all-rounder, our Cruise range is, without doubt, our most popular. Designed to be hugely versatile and dependable, there’s a Cruise out there for everyone. 


Available in three different deck lengths of 10’8, 12’ and 15’, our Cruise boards are suitable for a variety of heights and weights. Our best-seller is the 10’8, as this accommodates the majority of paddlers with ease. 

However, if you’re over 6’ tall or weigh more than 95kg, we recommend our 12’ or 15’ boards for maximum stability and comfort. The 10’8 is ideal for those under 6’, especially if weighing less than 90kg. Our smaller Sprint model is also a great choice for this paddler type, but more on that model a little later!

Still able to provide impressive glide and tracking regardless of size, you certainly won’t be compromising on function should you opt for the 12’ or 15’ models. Better still, the 15’ is perfect for tandem paddling, with plenty of space to keep two people stable and comfortable. If practising your paddling with a child, opt for the slightly smaller 12’.


Whether you’re a seasoned fitness fan or a newcomer just branching out, we’ve created our boards to be enjoyed by all ability levels! 

As our Cruise range has been designed for versatility and ease of movement, any size is relatively easy to master with a little practise. Perfect for beginners, a Cruise board provides a great introduction to the SUP life. 

However, these boards aren’t just for beginners. The 10’8 and 12’ models are ideal for experienced surfing fans too, providing a core balance of rigidity and streamlined shape. A multi-functional SUP and surfboard in one, a 10’8 or 12’ Cruise will become an avid surfer’s best friend. 

SUP or Kayak?

All Cruise models come complete with a handy kayak conversion kit. Allowing you to transform your board into a kayak in seconds, you can use your SUP for far more than just stand up paddling!

Whilst all sizes come with the kit, we recommend the 12’ Cruise for the ultimate kayak experience. Providing optimum length and width, you’ll have the perfect board and kayak all in one. 

Cruise Carbon

Providing all the brilliant features of the traditional Cruise (including our kayak conversion kit!), the Carbon model takes things a step further. Providing enhanced modifications and cutting-edge features, a Cruise Carbon board is the perfect choice for keen, experienced paddlers.

Available in the same three sizes, all Carbon models have been designed with toughness in mind. Arguably the most rigid iSUP you’ll find, the robust nature of the Carbon is simply second-to-none. 

Complete with an innovative Flex Reduction System, these boards are as tough as they get. Diagonally-woven carbon fibre rovings form the Carbon’s 3K rail layer, guaranteeing utmost rigidity without compromising on a lightweight feel. 

Better still, our Carbon models feature independent air duo inflation. Hailed as a cutting-edge advancement in iSUP construction, this provides the Carbon with a separate central-inflation loop chamber. Located within the large main air chamber, this produces a super high-pressure result for ultra-stiffness. 

Providing greater rigidity than our classic Cruise, the Carbon is a real force to be reckoned with. If you enjoy stand up paddling on a regular basis and want your board to be as sturdy as can be, this high-performance model is for you. 

Cruise Junior

The final member of our ever-popular Cruise range, the Junior is the perfect model for smaller paddlers!

Ideal for kids, the Cruise Junior measures-in at 8’ long. Featuring the exact same features and structure as our classic Cruise, the Junior is just a little smaller. Perfect for children or adults under 5’3, this SUP is sturdy, lightweight, and super easy to travel with.


And last but by no means least, we’re giving you the lowdown on our infamous Sprint model. As you’ve probably gathered by the name, our Sprint board is hailed as the fastest board in our entire range. 

Featuring the same quality and rigidity as our Cruise models, the Sprint is simply different in shape. Considerably narrower, this board features an elongated waterline for maximum speed. 

It’s important to note the Sprint doesn’t come with our kayak conversion kit, as the deck is simply too narrow.


The Sprint is 14’ long and considerably narrower than our other models. This makes it the perfect choice for speed, ideal for touring and enjoying longer paddleboard adventures.

Designed for those below 6’ and weighing less than 90kg, the Sprint accommodates paddlers similar to the Cruise 10’8. 


Due to the narrow nature of the Sprint, we only recommend this model to experienced paddlers. Greater core balance is needed to maneuvre the board and remain upright, meaning beginners should probably avoid this model. Unless you want to get wet!

Ideal for flat, open water experiences, the Sprint provides added turn and glide than wider models. Perfect for nipping through tight spaces and touring to your heart’s content, this speedy board is the ultimate racing option. 

So, if you weren’t sure which SUP you should go for, we hope you’ve found this guide useful! We firmly believe there’s a SUP out there for everyone here at Bluefin, and we guarantee premium quality with every single board we create.