How to Travel with Your Paddleboard

With so many amazing bucket list SUP destinations around, you probably can’t wait to pack-up your board and get travelling. But whilst our entire SUP range is inflatable and built for portability, there’s still a few things to consider when travelling long distance – especially when hopping on a plane.

So, whether you’ve already got an exciting SUP trip booked, or just want some tips to be prepared for when the time comes, here’s all you need to know about how to best travel with your paddleboard.


With a huge number of stunning SUP locations being overseas, taking your board on a plane is pretty much inevitable if you want to achieve the ultimate paddleboard experience. 

Luckily, you shouldn’t run into too many issues provided you have an iSUP. Super easy to travel with, all our inflatable paddleboards compactly roll-up once deflated – even our giant Mammoth board! And as all boards come accompanied with a sturdy bag for both carriage and storage, you’ll have everything you need to safely board a plane with your board in check.

All you need to do is weigh your deflated board, bag and accessories, and ensure the final weight complies with your chosen airline. You’ll most likely have to put your SUP in the hold as checked luggage, but the durable design of our boards allows them to withstand a lot of damage – no matter how many times airport staff throw them around!


If you’re within easy driving distance of an ideal SUP location, simply travelling with your board on the road is convenient and simple – especially when inflatable. 

The obvious option is to just pack-up your deflated board into its accompanying bag, and store it somewhere concealed in your car. But if you’re travelling with multiple people and have lots of other luggage taking up space, squeezing your SUP in with everything else might be too much of a challenge. 

Your best alternative is to strap your SUP to roof bars. Especially ideal if you’re travelling between destinations (and don’t want the hassle of continually deflating and inflating your boards over again!), securely strapping your board up-top is a great way to free-up space in your vehicle – without having to leave your board at home. 

But make sure they’re fully covered, as direct exposure to sunlight could cause long-term damage. 

Walking & Hiking

As all our SUP backpacks are built for comfort and durability, walking or even hiking with your board is made much easier. Complete with extra-wide straps and generous back and strap padding, you can carry your deflated SUP hands-free – without having to deal with a bulky, uncomfortable weight digging into your body. 

And as our backpacks have more than enough room to hold all SUP accessories too (including paddles!), you can conveniently store everything you need in one place. Reinforced zips provide an extra degree of security too, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your bag suddenly flying open without warning! 

Expertly designed for both portability and durability, our iSUP collection is simple and easy to travel with. Whether you’re boarding a plane or just taking a short walk to your nearest lake, the portable nature of our boards means you can take them virtually anywhere – without having to struggle.


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