How to Remove Your SUP Valve

If you’re worried your SUP is suffering an air leak, simply tightening the valve is often the answer. But if this doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, you may have to remove SUP valve altogether for cleaning or replacing. 

But don’t worry. It’s not as complicated as it sounds! We’ve specifically designed our SUP valves to be super easy to remove and replace. So, if you’ve been prepping to send your SUP back to us to be fixed, this could be your answer right here.

Removing Your SUP Valve Step by Step

Removing your SUP valve couldn’t be easier. If you can unscrew a bottle cap, you can remove or replace your valve! All you need is the valve tool from your repair kit, and you’re good to go. 

  • Make sure your SUP is fully deflated before beginning. 
  • To keep your SUP secure, keep hold of the ‘nut’ on the underside of the valve. Don’t worry about struggling to find it, as it’s easily felt through a deflated board.
  • Remove the outer cap, and engage your valve tool within the valve’s centre. 
  • Carefully twist anti-clockwise, and the inner portion of the valve should easily pop out.
  • Many SUP air leaks are simply due to a valve not being cleaned regularly enough. Take a wet cloth, and thoroughly wipe the valve down. Pay close attention to the base black rubber ring and threads, making sure all grime or hair is removed. 
  • Now your valve is sparkling clean, it’s time to reinstall! Simply use your hand to screw it back into its outer ring, using a clockwise motion. Make sure it’s as tight as possible. 

Whilst this simple task of removal and cleaning should be enough to rectify most air leaks, more extreme cases may require a valve replacement.

Send us a quick email with your basic contact details and shipping address, and we’ll send out a new valve as quickly as possible. And to replace the old with the new, simply follow the above steps and reinstall using your new valve instead. 

Easy, right?

Removing Your SUP Valve Step by Step

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