Updated Bluefin SUP: September 2019 Edition

Hey guys, Lizzie here. I have decided to write a blog every few months just to update you with everything that is going on here at Bluefin HQ. To say the last few months have been busy would be a gargantuan understatement of epic proportions. We have been up to our eyeballs in to-do lists that seem to be never-ending. But, we love it. So, here is an update on what has been going on here…


We have been busy looking forward at 2020 SUPs. Our Cruise and Carbon range won’t be altering – we are getting such great feedback on them. But we are looking at adding a few new models to the ranges. We are also looking at what accessories we can bring to our range… PFDs, SUP pup PFDs, dry bags, water bottles, clothes, car stickers. You name it, we’ve thought about it and we are going to be putting some time into researching and designing in the next few months.

If you have any suggestions, we want to hear them. Let’s chat: hello@bluefintrading.co.uk or leave us a comment on Facebook.


We have also been expanding and improving on the content that we are producing with the addition of our ‘Bluefin in the News Page’ and a lot of work being put into our Community Page and Newsletter.

Bluefin in the News page – See how other people are using and loving our SUPs.

Community Page – Access our paddling community with weekly blogs and our “Paddler Spotlight”.

Newsletter – for exclusive discounts and updates on all things Bluefin SUP (sent twice monthly).


My favourite topic, the Bluefin SUP Community. It’s growing and we LOVE it.

The Bluefin SUP Owners Group

The Owners group, set up by Andrew Park, was created over a year ago and it has just got more awesome and more awesome. The group is up to nearly 500 members now! Here are some of our favourite posts over the last few months…

Instagram #BluefinSUP

We hit 11k followers on Instagram – wahoo! But more importantly over 2000 people have used our #bluefinsup hashtag to share their pictures. We share every post that uses the hashtag or tags us, so our Story is chock full of Bluefin paddlers.

Head there now to check it out.


As you may know, we run a weekly photo competition, “Customer Picture of the Week” (or CPOTW if I run out of characters on Twitter). People enter by commenting on their pictures on our Facebook posts or by tagging us on Instagram. The winner receives a goody bag full of Bluefin SUP stuff. Here are the last few winners.

Update from me…

Just a personal update from me, I am off, travelling around Europe, with two Bluefin SUPs stuffed into a tiny Corsa. I will be working and writing and Instagramming from the road. I’ll update you all on my travels and will be looking to organise some Europe Bluefin SUP meet-ups along the way! #WatchThisSpace #BluefinSUPonTour.

Subscribe to our Newsletter to keep up with my adventure. I set sail (on the car ferry to Rotterdam) on the 30th September!

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