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SUP Warranty: Your Peace of Mind

Jenny Buckley |

Here at Bluefin, unbeatable quality and longevity is our top priority when designing our SUPs. This is why we offer a huge 5 year warranty across all boards – that’s how confident we are in their ability to stand the test of time. 

If you’re thinking of becoming a Bluefin owner but want a little more info on what our SUP warranty entails, this blog is for you!

Our SUP Warranty: The Basics

Our 5 year warranty came into effect from 1st September 2018. That is, any boards purchased after this date automatically come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. This covers any manufacturing faults you’ve not been responsible for, and begins from the date of delivery. 

However, any SUPs purchased before 1st September 2018 will still be subject to our original 1 year warranty.

Returning a faulty SUP

Should you experience any faults with your SUP, you’ll be provided with a prepaid returns label for the first 6 months of your warranty. It will be your responsibility to cover the cost of return postage after this time. 

As soon as we’ve received your item, we’ll carry out rigorous checks to identify and diagnose the fault you’ve experienced. We can then exchange, repair or refund your item! However, refunds are only available for the first 60 days of your warranty.

Changed your mind?

If you’ve not experienced any manufacturing faults but have simply changed your mind about your order, you have 60 days to return the item to us. Your SUP must be returned in unused condition with all its original packaging, and you’ll be responsible for covering all postage costs.

Other Products

So we’ve covered the basics of our iSUP warranty, but there’s so much more to Bluefin than just boards! From fins to leashes to pumps, we offer warranty cover on a wide range of other items. 

However, all items other than SUPs don’t come accompanied with a 5 year warranty. Instead, you’ll receive a manufacturer warranty for 1 year. This covers paddles, travel bags, fin systems, leashes and double action pumps.

For more information on what your warranty specifically covers, check out our detailed warranty page to learn more.

Happy paddling!