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What’SUP with Planning a SUP Vacation?

Jenny Buckley |

Ah holidays, that distant dream of going away. Now the world’s opening up (all of our fingers are crossed at HQ!) what’s stopping you from planning a SUP holiday? 

After a year of being stuck inside, many of us are now looking to add a little, or a lot, of adventure to our next break. I mean, it’s only going to be THE best one yet! And what better way to do this than with a SUP holiday, guaranteeing fun for all the family?!

For some of us planning a SUP holiday, it’s a completely new experience and super exciting. So let’s make sure you’re fully prepared for when we can all safely leave our local areas and explore!

Choosing your dream holiday location:

Our Bluefin SUPs are designed to be taken absolutely anywhere in the world. Engineered to be inflatable and durable, a Bluefin SUP ensures that your dream holiday destination is even more likely to become a reality.

So whatever kind of holiday rocks your boat…be it action-packed or filled with afternoons sipping cocktails by the pool. Or whether it’s in hot or cold climates. Our inflatable Bluefin SUPs are ready to be pumped up and taken out on the water to make some incredible memories, wherever you are.

And if you’re still searching for some SUP holiday inspiration, then we have just the blogs that you’re looking for! I’ve listed a few below to get your travel tastebuds tingling and there are even more over on our Blog Library.


However you’re planning on travelling to your SUP holiday, you’ll never have to worry about transporting your Bluefin SUP. We’ve already taken care of that for you!

With our SUPs being compact and all including a Bluefin SUP backpack, our SUPs have been designed with portability in mind! So whether you’re taking the car, train, bus, boat or plane, your Bluefin SUP is totally ready for the ride. And all of the necessary SUP kit will fit snugly into your Bluefin SUP backpack!

We do recommend, however, checking your baggage allowance when buying any transport tickets. This way you’re fully prepared for how much baggage you can pack and won’t be faced with any surprises down the road. For example, on certain airlines, you’re able to take your Bluefin SUP backpack on as hand luggage or even put it into the hold. But this all varies, depending on the company you’re planning on travelling with.

So if you’re travelling light, or not, (zero judgement over here!), you can rest assured that your SUP will travel just fine. 


If you’re planning to make the most of your SUP holiday on the water, then make sure your SUP suits the activities you’re looking to enjoy! Maybe you’re looking for one huge board that all of your friends and family can hop on at once, and we’re talking up to 10 adults can be on it at one time. You’re looking at the Mammoth 18!

If paddling in tandem or with a furry friend or two is up your street. Check out our Cruise and Cruise Carbon 15’.

If you’re looking for a whole host of family activities on the water, including a kayak conversion kit. Your best bet is the Cruise and Cruise Cabon range. With different sizes and a specialised Kids version, there’s a SUP for everyone!

And if you’re looking to add some serious adventure into your holidays then the Voyage is for you! With added stability side rails, take on rapids and stronger waves as this board has been made for greater balance.

Here’s hoping you’ve now got a few starting points and some major inspiration to start planning your own SUP holiday! And here’s hoping we are all able to go on one really soon!