Using Paddle Board to aid recovery

As a professional runner, I’ve had my fair share of injuries over the years and am always on the lookout for new ways of aiding my overall training. Recently I have completely fallen in love with Bluefin SUP’s Carbon Cruise, using it as an additional training tool to strengthen my body. As well as using SUP to aid recovery. It also comes in super handy when I’m looking to build lean muscle when I’m at my running peak, as well as a low impact activity when I’m looking to recover from an injury.

SUP Recovery

In the spring/summer of 2020, I had a hip stress fracture. With gyms closed due to COVID, I was so thankful to still be able to take my paddleboard out 1-2 times a day to aid my recovery. I basically live on a river so it’s really easy for me to go for a quick paddle. I can either inflate and carry it down a short trail (the SUP is super light), or even carry it in my Bluefin backpack and inflate the board on the water’s edge. 

It was amazing to be outside and get in a great workout on the river! It took me a couple of attempts to be comfortable paddling fast enough to elevate my heart rate as high as I would during an intense running session. But once I did I had so much fun going for long paddles. It’s become one of my favourite cardio activities, and it’s just so great to be outside paddling, opposed to being stuck inside a gym.

SUP Loving

When I’m not at home, I love to pack the paddleboard up and take it away on a road trip. My fiancé and I went to Park City for a month in the summer of 2020. We packed up our car with everything including both our paddleboards – after he saw how much I adored mine, he just had to get one too! They really don’t take up much room in the car and it’s so nice to be able to take them on our road trip travels. 

I’ve also discovered that paddleboarding is not only a great activity for the body, but it’s also really therapeutic for the mind. SUP-ing has become one of my all-time favourite de-stressing activities. I love being on the water. I can think of no better way to start your day than paddling on a calm summer’s morning. The tranquillity is blissful.

And as you can imagine, dealing with an injury is super frustrating. So having the ability to just enjoy the water helps calm my mind while receiving a great workout. It’s also a really great COVID safe activity. I was lucky to get out on the water with friends on their boards and be able to catch up while being outside, active, and 6 feet apart. 

So really, SUP isn’t just used to aid recovery from my injuries. It also provides a multitude of health and wellbeing benefits!

Aiding a Full Body Recovery!

Right now I’m grateful for being healthy, running, and lifting a ton of weights. And I continue to paddleboard as an added strength activity. The full-body workout is just fabulous for my training! It really is a total body activity while also being so much fun! I highly recommend a paddleboard to add into any exercise routine. So if your looking for some mind and/or body therapy, look no further than a board from Bluefin!

A Big Bluefin Thanks

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