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The Cruise Evolution

Jenny Buckley |

bluefin sup cruise evolution, The Cruise Evolution

Bluefin Cruise Evolution

As our most popular board ever, we’ll always have a soft spot for the Cruise. A brilliant all-rounder and loved by SUP fans of all abilities, the Cruise is a solid staple in our range.

Since its original release, the Cruise has undergone a few key changes along the way. And all for good reason! If you want to learn more about the evolution of our most famous SUP, this blog is for you.

Where It All Started

We first launched the Cruise back in 2018, and it was an immediate success! Its streamlined shape and balanced construction made it ideal for beginners. But we knew a little more work needed to be done to reach perfection. 

Later in the same year, we quickly altered the drop stitch density to achieve a more rigid feel. We did this so fast, this new model was released a mere few months after the first.

New Cutting-Edge Features

Our 3rd Cruise model launched at the end of 2018 – complete with new branding and a bunch of added features. We’re talking ESL multi-layer skin technology, a UV resistant deck, and even stronger drop stitch density than before.

This made for an ultra-tough, super stiff board built to support up to 28 PSI with ease. Needless to say, this new model was a total hit and ended 2018 on a real high.


But we didn’t stop there, as 2019 played host to a few shape changes too. We wanted to create the perfect blend of speed and balance, and added convenient neoprene handles to the nose and tail as well as a central handle. 

And we certainly didn’t leave our avid camera lovers behind. We know there’s nothing better than capturing yourself in action paddling through awesome waters, so we just HAD to include an integrated camera mount. 

The final finishing touch for our 4th Cruise model was a super durable crocodile deckpad. This provides the perfect level of grip, giving you maximum security and balance while paddling.

Cruise Carbon

The latter part of 2019 involved an all new smart-lock fin system, as well as a much bolder blue colourway. We also released our unbeatable Cruise Carbon during this year, complete with a bunch of even more advanced features and enhanced durability.

FRS side rails and double-chamber air inflation make the Carbon our most rigid board yet. Perfect if maximum performance and reliability is your goal. 

Improving Versatility

And we’re finally up to our latest Cruise model for 2020. Improvements have not only been made to the valve and deck, but you’ll also find removable side fins alongside a larger central fin. This instantly boosts versatility, allowing you to paddle easier in a variety of different conditions. 

So, if you wanted to discover a little more about our most famous board’s journey, you’ve now had an exclusive insight! 

We’re always looking to innovate and improve – and our beloved Cruise is no exception. We can’t wait to see where our entire range is at in the next couple of years, and we hope you’ll be joining us for the ride.

If you’re yet to own a Bluefin SUP and aren’t sure which is the best choice for you, check out our guide to the best boards for beginners.

Hint: The Cruise is a great option!