Ruth Hurst

A Summer In Guernsey:

Hi, My name is Ruth Hurst and I live on a beautiful island called Guernsey, looking at it from the pictures on the internet you would expect the island to be located somewhere in the Caribbean with its crystal clear waters and blue skies! but in actual fact Guernsey is located just off the UK.

Having lived on the Island for a number of years now It still amazes me just how many beaches this island has to offer. The island itself is only 9 miles in length and 3 miles wide with an area of 24.3 sq Miles and yet it is home to over 30 beaches and bays.

In this blog I will show you a few of my favourite places that I like to check out on my SUP.

My SUP of choice from Bluefin is the Mammoth, and as you can probably guess from its name this isn’t your standard board! With a total length of 18ft and width of 5ft this is some serious kit! The Mammoth can fit up to 10 people meaning its the perfect board for team bonding!

Whats good about this SUP is that you can use it in all water conditions. When the weather is sunny and the sea is flat the Mammoth is great for those coastline explorations.

Once of my favourite beaches to come to when the sun is out and the sea is calm is Cobo Bay. Situated on the west cost. There have been a number of times this past summer where a group of us have just paddled out and attached ourselves onto a nearby buoy creating a floating pontoon of sorts and as this is anchored it meant we could literally spend the entire day out on the ocean soaking up the rays!

For those days when there is surf, this is when I take a trip to Vazon – Also situated on the west coast, Vazon is Guernsey’s main surf beach.

I’ve got to say, paddling out to the line up on a 18ft SUP may just be one of the craziest things I have done this year besides skydiving!

The SUP handles the waves really well, turning quickly can be a little tricky but due to its size once the tail of the board is picked up by the wave the SUP really moves!

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