How hard is it to find a truly versatile stand up paddle board?

When looking to buy a paddleboard, versatility is key. You want to be able to get the most out of your SUP and be able to use it in a variety of different situations. Having a versatile stand up paddle board will mean that your SUP lasts you longer meaning you will spend less money on upgrades or additional models. 

The Cruise Range – The Most Versatile Stand Up Paddle board. 

It’s a strong claim, we know. But, we have reasons to back it up! We have listed some below: 

  1. The Bluefin Cruise 2019 has a more pointed nose than most All-rounder SUPs. This allows for the board to cut through waves more easily and therefore be used for touring and racing, alongside leisure paddling.
  2. We have added extra D-rings along the sides and back of the Cruise range. This means that this versatile stand up paddle board can carry more cargo – for longer journeys. Alongside this, the extra D-rings provide multiple leashing points for towing and safety when paddling with others.
  3. All Bluefin Cruise and Cruise Carbon 2019 SUPs have a raised kick pad incorporated into the croco-diamond deck pad. This allows this All-Rounder SUP to be used for more advanced paddleboarding moves like ‘kick turns’. No matter your paddleboard level, you will never ‘grow out’ of this board.

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Added Extras – A Complete Package

We haven’t just stopped there. We want our SUPs to be the most versatile stand up paddle boards. We have included extras in our package and design to ensure that Bluefin is a one-stop-shop. 

  • Kayak Seat – this is a matter of contention within the stand up paddle community, we know. People like to be either kayakers or SUP-ers, but we disagree. We like to give everyone the option to do both. The kayak seat that comes with all Bluefin Cruise and Cruise Carbon SUPs allows us to have a truly versatile stand up paddleboard. It gives families more use out of the boards as some relatives may be more comfortable sitting down. It also eases people into paddleboarding, as if they are complete beginners, being able to sit at intervals during paddle practice can be helpful.
  • Go-Pro Mount – this is something we added to be a bit selfish really. We love seeing, first hand, your paddle adventures. So, we added a Go-Pro mount right at the front of the board so it makes it super easy for you to snap your SUP trips.
  • The bag. Don’t just buy a SUP that you have to leave at home. Our Bluefin Inflatable SUPs are so portable and allow YOU to have a versatile SUP experience. Take your board on holiday and check it as luggage, carry it down to a hidden beach with ease or pack it in your car to allow for spontaneous paddling trips. 

A Portable Adventure

Now, after all that talk of SUP adventures, why don’t you check out what Bluefin Paddlers have been getting up to.

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