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Funny SUP Fails

Jenny Buckley |

Schadenfreude, one of the best loved emotions of all time. Everyone who has ever been on a paddleboard knows that things can get hairy out on the water. The best laid plans can be interrupted by vegetation, other people or your own limbs. We’d never knock anyone for trying and have all made plenty of dramatic, maybe ridiculous splashes ourselves. Today with chair legs firmly on solid ground we invite you to feast with us on these funny SUP fails!

Paddleboard fails that will make you laugh

  1. Looking for class 5 rapids but all you’ve got is Lazy River level action? Spice things up by skipping portages altogether. Extra points for paddling the tree!
  2. They say SUP surfing is easier because the paddle adds balance. Not today! This guy catches his wave but doesn’t make it through the turn. What did the SUP surfer eat for lunch? Salt water mostly.
  3. Good effort here. Although it’s not clear whether she’s doing SUP yoga or attacking her shadow. Either way, she’s going all in and we support that.
  4. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to learn to SUP but some people just can’t help getting ahead of themselves. 
  5. Paddling hard to catch your wave is essential to surfing. It is possible that paddling directly at your wave is a fresh new take on a friendly old classic.
  6. It’s a well kept industry secret that limbo is actually an excellent core exercise to strengthen your standup paddle muscles.

Do you have any SUP fails to share? We’d absolutely love to see pictures. Tag us on Insatagram! @BluefinSUPs