Bluefin SUP 2020 Round Up

So 2020 has been a year! Full of ups and downs, the one thing that has stayed constant is….our ever growing Bluefin SUP community! We love you guys! And in the spirit of New Year (here’s hoping it’s a better one for everyone) we’ve rounded up the VERY best of 2020 to leave this year on a high.

1. Community News!:

Where would we be without our Bluefin SUP community? Now reaching over 3.3K members on our exclusive Bluefin SUP Paddle Board – Owners Club on Facebook, we love to hear how our Bluefin paddlers are helping one another with tips, advice and love for all things SUP! You guys are truly inspiring and it’s so great to see all of the photos from your paddling journeys.

Talking about photos, our Bluefin SUPs Instagram page has grown to a whopping 29.6K followers! Featuring fabulous images of our Paddlers from across the world…on solo escapades, in groups, and even with adorable pets…you’ve all made us SO very envious of your SUP experiences! Make sure you continue to tag us @bluefinsups and keep adding the hashtag #bluefinsup to your future posts for the chance to be featured!

We are so proud of our supportive and encouraging Bluefin SUP community. If you’re looking for your next bit of travel inspo or just some motivation to get outside, look no further than our socials as it’s our paddlers who are the real stars of the show…here’s to you guys!

2. Photo Highlights of the Year  

Would you believe that some of our paddler’s photos have the most incredible stories behind them? Well, they do say a photo speaks 1000 words! 

One standout paddler photo of 2020 is from @tinalouknowles, who during a paddle found Weymouth’s famous seal, Sammy, hitch a ride on her SUP for 3 whole hours! Giving Sammy lots of space at the end of her Bluefin SUP, @tinalouknowles clearly provided some well needed rest and a little adventure for the curious seal! And as much as this is the most remarkable story, we must remind ourselves that seals – no matter how cute, and Sammy is seriously cute – are wild animals and can be unpredictable at the best of times. So hats off to @tinalouknowles for being so cool, calm and collected!

For more spectacular photos of the year, you must check out our ‘12 Days of SUPmas’ posts on our socials. Here we have posted our ultimate 12 photos of the year…so expect to see some Santas SUPping, breathtaking sunsets and magical paddling experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

3. Live Discussions with Stand Up Paddle UK

Recognised for Bluefin SUPs brand, community, eco-focus and fabulous products, our Marketing Manager, Lizzie, took part in an Instagram live discussion with the renown @standuppaddleuk to discuss all things Bluefin SUPs. 

From humble beginnings, Bluefin SUPs grew from a love of paddling on the West Coast of Scotland and wanting to bring the sport to life for others. By always listening to their wonderful community, Bluefin SUPs has gone from strength to strength through hard work, research, re-developments and re-designs, to ensure their boards provide the best paddling experience for all.

And did you know about our zero-waste policy for our boards? We never discard a returned board! We will either fix it and sell it as a refurb, or if we really are unable to do so, we look to have our boards recycled! No board is left behind with us, especially as we endeavour to consistently reduce our impact on the environment.

So we bet you didn’t know all of that about our Bluefin SUPs brand! If you’re interested in knowing more…why not give the live Instagram discussion a listen?

4. New 2020 Cruise Range Launched  

Focusing on always researching to improve and develop our boards at every point of our design process, we have been so very excited to launch the rebrand of our Cruise and Cruise Carbon range in 2020! 

Filmed in the crystal blue waters of Sicily, check out how our new video brings to life the versatility and cutting-edge features of our brand new range. It truly is our most inclusive all-rounder range yet!

But 2020 didn’t stop us there as we also launched our AURA FIT this year. With its extra wide 91cm all-round shape, the AURA FIT has been designed with yoga, pilates and aqua-based fitness in mind. If you love yoga and pilates, why not take your exercises to the next level by doing them on the water?

We also launched the 14’ Sprint Carbon board, which has been specifically designed to travel further, faster and more efficiently than all our other boards in the range. So if you’re an intermediate to advanced paddler and looking for your next challenge, why not consider the 14’ Sprint Carbon! 

5. SUPer Paddler Achievements

Reducing our carbon footprint is super important to us and we love to hear how our Bluefin Paddlers feel the same! One incredible example is of Jo Moseley who chose to paddle 162 miles on the Leeds & Liverpool canal, along the Desmond Family Canoe Trail to complete the #PaddleboardTheNorth challenge. Whilst on her long journey with her 12’ Cruise Bluefin SUP, Jo chose to pick up litter along the way…ensuring that she reduced plastic pollution; effectively cleaning the waterways and protecting the beauty of the local environment on her journey! 

We are massively impressed with Jo’s efforts and think she is an amazing ambassador not only for the Bluefin SUP brand, but as an environment activist! It also serves as a reminder to all of us paddlers that we should always look to improve the environment around us, especially being so close to the water when out on your paddleboards.

Read more about Jo’s magnificent journey here.

6. 2021 and beyond: 

Looking forward, you can expect some exciting things to be announced from Bluefin SUP in 2021! Our main priority is to focus on reducing our environmental impact and improving our sustainability within all aspects of the business! SO watch this space, as the future is looking Green for Bluefin SUPs!

You should also keep an eye out for our range of new accessories which we know you will just love, as well as lots of board developments in the pipeline! 2021 is going to be SUPer!

So there we have it, our round up of some of the highlights that 2020 has brought us here at Bluefin SUP. What do you think? Is there anything that we are missing out?

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to what 2021 brings….but for now, here’s to you, our wonderful SUP community! Take care of yourselves and others.

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