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Bluefin Partners with Ecologi. A step forward in our sustainability goal.

Jenny Buckley |

The global climate crisis continues to be at the forefront of people’s minds, whether it’s through the media reporting on extreme weather events, or governments being urged to ‘do their bit’ in the wake of the COP26 summit. We know that as contributors to human-induced global warming, businesses should be doing more to tackle the problem head-on. That’s why at Bluefin we’re introducing new measures to reduce our carbon footprint and to give back what we take from natural resources.

We know that the Earth’s surface is being heated by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels in industry and manufacturing. We also know that unless we curb carbon pollution now, we will continue to see devastating shifts in climate leading to the loss of natural habitats and biodiversity.

At Bluefin, we care deeply about the environment and the impact global warming is having on our oceans, seas, and waterways. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ecologi, a like-minded organisation, to compensate our carbon footprint and give financial backing to projects fighting climate change globally.

We support Ecologi’s vision to responsibly plant 1.7 billion trees by 2030 and to halve the world’s harmful carbon emissions by 2040. It’s the reason we’ve agreed to plant one tree for every SUP purchase and one tree for every newsletter sign-up made on our website.

It’s that simple! Every time you buy from Bluefin, we’ll ensure a tree is planted on your behalf in a reforestation project. It could be anywhere in the world – in a native UK woodland, an Amazonian rainforest, or even a Madagascan mangrove.

Every subscription and every purchase made with Bluefin will contribute towards keeping these projects going. So while you’re planning your next SUP adventure, you can rest assured that you’re also helping to reduce carbon pollution and protect our environment for years to come.