SUP Pump Instructions

When your recent SUP order is finally delivered and your long awaited vision of experiencing euphoria on to the water is soon to become reality, there’ll be just one simple task left to complete before taking your latest valued possession for a test dive – inflating the board.

SUP Pump Instructions

If you’re a first timer or simply need a gentle reminder regarding how to correctly inflate your paddle board, following the SUP pump instructions below will count towards achieving just that.

Dual Action SUP Pump

1. Remove the valve cover and ensure that the central valve stem is in its uppermost position.

2. Carefully connect one end of the pump hose to the SUP pump and the other end to the valve. (When connecting the pump hose to the valve, apply downward pressure, while turning clockwise until rigid).

3.Insert and twist the small plug at the back of the pump handle to secure it in place. (You’ll greatly appreciate this tiny mechanism at step 5).

4. Start pumping! Bend those knees to really get into it and get the blood flowing. 

5. At a certain point, normally between 8 – 10 PSI, the pumping will become very strenuous. When this happens remove the small plug that was inserted into the back of the pump handle at step 3, and then resume pumping. You will immediately notice that pumping becomes easier again, even at higher inflation pressures. (If you’re a workout warrior however, you can proceed to step 6 directly).

6. Keep an eye on the gauge to know when you have reached the requisite pressure – normally 15 – 20 PSI.

7. Cautiously remove the hose by applying downward pressure, while twisting anti-clockwise and thereafter unfasten the other end connected to the pump. 

8. Securely close the valve cover to safeguard the valve pin and protect your SUP board from deflating by accident.  

And that’s all! Operating a SUP pump to inflate your paddle board really is that easy! Complete any final checks and once you’re satisfied that everything is in order you’ll be ready to go.

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