Stand Up Paddleboarding Lessons & Activities in 2018

Another year is coming to a close and as per usual, we haven’t squeezed in everything we’d have liked to. Don’t worry, there is still time to get on your board before December 31st. Even if you can’t bear the thought of winter watersports, keep these ideas in the idea bank for the new year.

1. Enter a SUP Race

Fancy an ultra race by SUP? The Trent 100 started in 2015 and is the U.K.’s longest team endurance challenge. Paddling 100km from Staffordshire to the finish line in Nottingham, this race is a real test of endurance. The organisers recommend strict training beforehand – this event is not for the faint of heart or the uncommitted. Entrants are expected to perform in all weather in addition to navigating canal locks proficiently.

Date: 3rd August 2018

2019 dates to be announced

Sign up here:

2. Take a lesson

If you’re wondering how to get on your paddleboard, there’s a lesson for that. Take a stand up paddle board class with one of many registered sites in the UK. Whether you are a complete beginner or a pro, it’s always fun to learn a fresh take or new moves. From the basics to safety to SUP surfing you’ll feel more comfortable on your SUP after some professional guidance. Paying for a pack of lessons is also sometimes the kick we need to commit to an activity, so there’s the old motivating angle is well.
Find lessons near you:

Taster SUP session for beginners

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3. Try Yoga

2018 has put us all through quite the gruelling news cycle. Fortunately SUP Yoga is here for you.  Although it may sound difficult, it is possible to practice asana on the water. An extra wide SUP will provide more stability making activities like yoga easier. Yoga is easily tailored to any ability level so newbies are welcome. You can also try SUP Yoga as a warm-up, cool-down from or upper body push workout to compliment an intensive paddle session.

4. Join BSUPA

The British Stand Up Padddle Association is a volunteer led non-profit offering training, events and even SUP insurance. Joining BSUPA is a must for anyone who is SUP-crazy. Not only is insurance included in the membership, you’ll also receive free entry to all of their events and a regular newsletter.
Join here:

Join BSUPA and get involved with the UKs thriving SUP community

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5. Go on a SUP Holiday

Travelling with an inflatable board is easy. iSUPs fit into the boot of your car and can be taken as standard checked baggage luggage on planes. Active holidays are a great way to enjoy yourself while breaking out of the work/vegetate mould. If you don’t feel like designing a SUP trip all on your own, check out one of many purpose built SUP camps:

A Big Bluefin Thank you

BSUPA provides excellent knowledge, events and community based enthusiasm for paddle board enthusiasts all across the isles.

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