Funny paddle boarding quotes: Today the joke’s on us

SUP jokes and funny paddle boarding quotes seem to be making the rounds on the web these days. Although most people reading this probably love SUP, not everyone has such good taste. Pity for them! The surfing community can be especially vicious, I mean hilarious, in their appraisals of paddle boarding.

I stand up to paddle

“I stand up to paddle” – Source

What’s so funny about paddleboarders?

Before returning fire let’s consider why surfers get so uppity about SUP. Everyone’s competing for the same waves and the most accessible lineups are already crowded as it is. Surfers are territorial because:

1. They don’t want their fun to be ruined by unpredictable newbies.

2. They don’t want to crash or have their head sliced off by a 14’ SUP.  

With SUP as accessible as it is, there are now more riders than ever before competing for the same limited number of surf spots.With this social history lesson in mind and in the spirit of not taking ourselves too seriously, let’s clench a couple fistfuls of salt and laugh through gritted teeth.  We’ve compiled some of the best SUP jokes, SUP fails and SUP quotes for your discriminating pleasure. SUPrise! This is going to be a little cheesy.

Paddleboarding seemed foolish because it was all of the work (paddling) without enjoying any of the benefits (surfing) – sort of like being an anorexic baker.


Our round up of the best SUP jokes

Why was the paddle boarder so slow?

His board was SUPside down

What did the Paddle Boarder do after she beached herself?

She whaled and cried.

How do paddle boarders avoid constipation?

They take SUPositories

For some guys, SUP surfing will always be a pipe dream

What did the paddle boarder eat for lunch?

A mouth full of sand.

How can you tell a surfer and a stand up paddle boarder apart?

The rear view.

What did the hungry SUP racers eat for lunch?

They ate wave.

And now let’s take a brief intermission to enjoy this Sup yoga fail:

What do sharks think when they see a stand up paddle board?


White shark swims past SUP

Why do paddle boarders try to stay dry?

To show off their fresh new kicks.

What do Paddle boarders and Boogie boarders have in common?

Surfers hate them both.

Why are surfers crankier than Paddle boarders?

Their wetsuits are usually filled with wee.

To paddle as far as possible away from the line up.

Funny paddle boarding jokes from our Facebook followers

Jesse Day Paddle board feels ill so goes to the doctors. So the doctors prescribes it…….SUPplements. Oli Jordan I’ve always wanted to try SUP surfing, I’ve got so much on atm it’s just a pipe dream. Elliot Newman I just got a new paddle board for my wife, what a great trade.

The funniest, most epic SUP fail of all time

This guy hits all the right spots.

Please leave us your paddle boarding puns, SUP jokes & quotes and funny paddle sayings below in the comments!

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