Exciting Activities to Try on Your SUP!

Exciting Activities to Try on Your SUP! What you can do on your SUP! 

SUPs can be used for much more than just paddling, which is one of the reasons they are so popular! There are so many activities that involve your Stand-Up Paddleboard (sup) that anyone can try! Why not incorporate it with hobbies you already enjoy? Or try out something new!

SUP Yoga

One of the fastest-growing trends is SUP yoga! Anyone can give it a go! Whether you are an expert or a beginner, there are countless advantages (Check them out here).

If you already take part in yoga out of the water, SUP yoga is excellent if you are looking for an improved workout! You have to work harder to balance on the board and therefore use more of your muscles.

If you are new to yoga then it’s a great new fun and relaxing hobby. SUP yoga can also be great for de-stressing, especially when floating on a stretch of calming water, whether it’s a river, lake or ocean!


SUP Fitness

If you love paddle boarding and would prefer it to the gym, did you know that you can use your SUP for working out? You can find classes all over the UK that incorporate paddle boarding and fitness! You can also create your own workout or find one online which can include things like squats, crunches and push ups. These are great for your core as you are having to work to balance on the water.

Check out an example here:

Even if you are paddle boarding without carrying out an actual routine, you can choose how much exercise you get – the choppier the water, the more effort you have to put into balancing! Which means you can be working out without even trying! You can burn up to 500 calories in a one-hour SUP session. Another advantage to exercising on the water is the beautiful scenery and fresh air that you wouldn’t find at a gym! 

SUP Companions! 

Taking your dog on your SUP is becoming very popular as it can be a great way to enjoy the sport and spend time with your pooch. As long as your dog is comfortable and you introduce them slowly, it can be a great activity for your pup to join in! It can be a good idea to start them off on land instead of going straight into the water so your dog can get used to the board. There are plenty of paddle boarding classes all over the country that you can take your dog to! If you are planning on taking your dog paddle boarding with you it will probably be best to get a larger board as this means there will be more room for the two of you. Always remember to plan ahead so the trip is safe for you both!


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