Adventure to Oliver’s Island: A Film by Perspective X Bluefin SUP

The SUP Adventure to Oliver’s Island by Perspective

Rupert and Charlie from Perspective Films undertook a monumental journey on their Bluefin SUP s. As beginners, they paddled a 10-mile trek and learned to paddle along the way. Sounds mental right? Well, it kind of was!

The daring duo launched their Bluefin Cruise boards from Central London at 6 am. They carried the paddleboards down deflated in their backpacks and pumped them up on the shore, a little work out before the big event.

Who’s doing all the work here then?! The boys getting ready for their journey.

We equipped them with two 10’8″ Cruise iSUPs because both Charlie and Rupert are quite light and needed a paddleboard each. We thought to give them one 12′ or 15′ Cruise would be a bit unfair as tandem paddling is definitely a skill – although it may have been funny to watch!

When they launched the SUPs they definitely struggled at first, although they have an excuse, the Thames currents are definitely not easy, especially for first-time paddlers! But, they managed to get a hang of it. With Rupert feeding back to us: “Using the boards was a dream. Having had very little practice, learning how to SUP with Bluefin’s products was a great experience, and I’d happily use them again!”.

Charlie and Rupert both used 10’8″ Bluefin Cruise SUPs. Still got some air to pump in here boys!

The Ten Mile Trip

They paddled an impressive 10 miles, passing places such as Battersea Park, Fulham Park, and The National Archives. Caught by the current a number of times, they definitely did not stay drive. It was not all smooth paddling, Charlie fell off about 32 times – catching most of these falls on camera, much to our amusement! But, as they got closer to Oliver’s Island they had got “the knack”, the wind had calmed and they landed victoriously at Oliver’s Island.


Just like the Islands namesake, Oliver Cromwell, the boys took refuge on the island. They had arrived, at last, what a relief! But, not all of the island’s residents were relieved. Just as they had sat down to rest their aching muscles, they were promptly started upon by a gaggle of West London geese. So, they had to make a speedy exit!

The standoff to end all standoffs…

From Paddleboard probationers to Island Conquerers, the 10-mile journey was a feat and a half for Rupert and Charlie. Watch their Thames Adventure below!

A note from Perspective

We came across Bluefin, and loved their product offerings, so decided to get in touch about doing a challenge video with the 10” SUP board. The plan was simple. SUP 10 miles down the Thames, from Central London to Oliver’s Island. After hearing the idea, Lizzie (Social Media and Marketing) was definitely on board (pardon the pun!) to make this concept come to life.

The delivery of the product came safe and sound, and carrying the boards was made easy by the provided rucksacks. After pumping up the boards, Rupert and Charlie made their way down the Thames, firstly with difficulty, but as they got used to the boards, they started to pick up the pace.

All in all, it was great working with the guys over at Bluefin. I hope the video makes people smile as much as it made us smile making it!

Jay Khatri

Innovation & Account Manager

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