FIT AURA SUP: The best of aqua fitness on one board

Love SUP and Love Fitness? Well, you’re in for a treat with our super popular Aura FIT 10’8 SUP. Built to be the perfect paddling and aqua-fitness companion, with an extra wide 91cm round shape design, this SUP has been designed to provide you with greater balance on the water!

So whether you’re looking to start practising your savasana this Summer or are ready to perform a full yoga flow, let’s discuss what the Aura FIT can do for you!

It’s not just for paddling!

Let’s be honest here, the Aura Fit is an all-round paddleboard that’s perfect for paddling and embarking on epic SUP adventures. And due to its specialised features, the Aura FIT SUP is  unparalleled in assisting you with holding your Yoga, and even Pilates, poses for longer out on the water! So get ready to ditch your usual workout mat and take your practice to the next level!

We’ve designed the Aura FIT to feature everything we know and love about our existing Bluefin boards, but this board has been equipped with added balance, convenience and style! With SUP yoga and aqua fitness activities becoming more and more popular, you’ll need the ideal board to assist you in improving your skills, as well as helping you to focus on building your core strength and balance out on the water. And that’s where the Aura FIT shines.

Aqua Fitness Features

Expertly designed with an extra-wide 91cm deck, the Aura FIT gives you all the confidence you need for an uninterrupted workout, with little to no unexpected splashes into the water. But who’s judging anyway? The added dimensions provide you with more space and balance for aqua-based fitness, and the larger all-round shape of the board adds additional stability whilst paddling. So expect to achieve greater control of the SUP whether you’re balancing on the sea, lake or canal.

Also with a paddle, carry bag, leash, dual-action pump, centre fin, and an action camera thread hole; the Aura FIT ensures that you’re fully equipped for all of your aqua fitness activities anytime, anywhere!

Ready for some Zen wherever you are

Built to be travel-friendly and portable, the Aura FIT fits conveniently into the included Bluefin SUP backpack. Making it super easy to transport on all modes of transport. So you’ll be taking your adventures worldwide no problem! And don’t forget it also comes with a handy waterproof smartphone case, should you ever need to check the time or when it’s due to rain!

Also constructed with military-grade triple-layered PVC & a high-pressure laminated finish, the Aura FIT is stable enough to keep you afloat, no matter what Yoga position you are holding! And with a unique tri-chamber inflation system, it’s durable enough for all of your Yoga flows, Pilates positions and whatever fitness activities you plan to perform.

Oh, and did we mention the stunning design and colours of the Aura FIT? If that doesn’t make you feel calm and tranquil on the water, we don’t know what will!

If the Aura FIT sounds like it’s right up your alley, then take a further look at all of its benefits and features on our website. It could be exactly the level-up you need to challenge your fitness potential today.

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