Exactly WHEN can you commence your new lifestyle as the hippest paddle boarder in town?
Let’s try answering shipping questions here.

Please wait 24 hours after ordering to contact Bluefin with shipping queries: sup-support@bluefintrading.co.uk

How long will my order take to arrive?

Standard shipping time is 3 to 5 days.  In the event the product you’d like is on pre-order, you should add 3 to 4 days to the available from date in the listing.


Delivery is FREE and takes 3 to 5 working days from dispatch. Please bear in mind that if this can depend by region. We send everything with UPS or FedEx so we ensure your item can be tracked from our door to yours.


If I order now will I get my SUP by X date?

Please keep in mind that our standard shipping is 3 to 4 days business days.  You should also allow 1 day for processing. The exception to this would be if the product is on pre-order in which case the ship date will be listed on the product page. You can estimate arrival time based on the available by date plus 3 to 4 business days.

Can I order it now and have you hold it to arrive by X date?

Unfortunately, we can’t hold individual orders to ship at a specific date in the future. The logistics of this are incredibly difficult and we do not like to disappoint. Please hold off on your order until you are ready to receive it.

Do you have next day shipping or expedited options?

We do not currently offer expedited shipping.

What kind of time-lapse should I expect between hitting order and dispatch?

A good question you raise.  For next day orders placed before 2:00 pm the processing occurs the same day as your order is placed.  For all other orders, please factor in 1 business day for processing time.

Can the courier call me to tell me exactly when they’ll arrive so I can meet them?

The courier won’t call you for SUP deliveries but you should receive an automated tracking email before delivery.  If you do not receive this email, it does not mean your order hasn’t shipped. If you have passed the 3 to 5 day window and are wondering where your SUP might be, please contact us at sup-support@bluefintrading.co.uk 

To save time, please include your delivery address and the product you ordered.


I have a complicated address, how can I leave extra instructions for the courier?

We know there are a lot of quirky addresses out there and sometimes the delivery person needs extra information. You can leave a note in the comments of your order or use the extra address lines to pop in more information.

Getting started

You’ve just hit order and you see yourself gliding across the water looking as cool as ice on your new Bluefin SUP. Exactly WHEN can you commence your new lifestyle as the hippest paddle boarder in town? Let’s try answering shipping questions here.

Please keep in mind that shipping is not an exact science and these are estimations, although very accurate ones.