The best way to clean your SUP

A SUP board is the perfect companion for your magical water tours. As such, it is important to take the necessary measures to protect and take care of it, thus ensuring its longevity and optimal performance for years to come. The following guide outlines the best way to clean your inflatable SUP board and maintain its value, allowing you to journey merrily into the sunset with extra peace of mind.

The Pre-Clean – Taking Special Care in Harsh Elements

Successful SUP board maintenance entails a level of protection from some natural elements. No need to panic, this is not a cunning ploy to rein in your adventurous spirit. By all means, explore the great outdoors extensively but remember that certain conditions such as exposure to extreme weather for extended periods, rugged rocks, salt water and chemicals such a chlorine can exacerbate normal wear and tear. In that regard, check through your equipment after use to ensure everything is at it should be and move on to step 1 below.

  1. Clean Up After Yourself
    The first way to clean your SUP to keep in tip-top shape and operating at peak functionality involves washing it down with fresh water after every use. A standard garden hose pipe alone is very effective and will normally get the job done. For stubborn blemishes use some natural soap or Polymarine Inflatable Boat Cleaner – a biodegradable solution that effortlessly dissolves dirt, grease, oil and white oxidation on both PVC and Hypalon. Inflatable Boat Cleaner Instructions: Simply wet the SUPs surface with water and spray some cleaner on the small area in need of attention. Let it rest for a minute (do not let it sit on varnished or painted surfaces). Any smears will begin to disintegrate, allowing you to easily rinse the soiled section clean. Repeat this sequence for all areas that need the same extra little kick.
  2. The Best Way to Clean Your SUP & Expel Any Moisture Inside Your Board
    The second step is quick and easy. It is a common occurrence for moisture to become present inside your SUP board after use. If you don’t tend to it and the moisture builds up and settles inside, then it can lead to a mould or mildew takeover. After you’ve hosed your board down, eliminate the moisture inside by securing the valve in the open position and blowing air into it with a pump or vacuum. This step is often overlooked because there are no visible signs to the issue at hand. Taking an extra minute to carry out such a small task will go a long way to ensuring there is no premature wear to your SUP board.
  3. The Best Way to Clean Your SUPs Seal Valve Surface
    Sometimes the sealing surface of your valve can become dirty. See to it that you don’t allow any grime to fester, as this may cause a leak. The fastest and easiest way to take care of this issue is to release the valve while the board is fully inflated, which will result in a strong gust of air quickly exiting the SUP and clearing any unwanted debris in the process. On the rare occasion that this solution doesn’t solve the problem, a good old fashioned ear bud and a mild cleaning product will do the trick and get the seal surface clean.
  4. Ensure the Board is Dried Completely Prior to Storage
    Once all of the above is completed allow your board to dry completely. Give it one last wipe down with a dry cloth to soak up any remaining water and get rid of dampness. Next you want to air out your SUP board naturally for up to half an hour before finally packing up and storing it away until the next outing. Ticking all the proverbial boxes above is undoubtedly the best way to clean your SUP board. Look after your equipment like a true pro and you will prolong its life span, improve its performance and ultimately unleash its full potential on the water. Happy Paddling!

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