How do I inflate an iSUP correctly?

Pumping up your iSUP properly is important for board longevity, paddle performance and safety. We are often asked “How do I inflate an iSUP correctly?” we wanted to answer all your questions in this blog post. Before pumping ensure that your SUP is fully unrolled, on a flat surface with the big Bluefin logo on the ground. Right, you’re ready…

All about the valve

Your Bluefin SUP features a high-pressure inflation valve to ensure that your board stays at its max stiffness until you deflate. Before inflating make sure that the valve is closed (the stem* is up). To close the valve opening push the stem in with your thumb, twist it and allow it to spring up. This will ensure that you will lose no air during the inflation process. There is nothing worse than getting your iSUP to the maximum PSI and removing the pump for all your air to escape! After this crucial step, you can now twist your pump end into the valve and ensure it is firmly in place and locked in.
*The stem is the grey (or yellow) stick in the center of your valve

Pump it up!

Now comes the fun bit, getting your board to the required PSI. We have two options for you here to make inflating your iSUP as easy as possible. Firstly, we look at the Dual Action Pump which comes included with ALL Bluefin SUP packages. Then our new pump – the 12V electric air pump.

Super-efficient hand inflation with the Dual Action Pump

Included in all Bluefin paddleboard packages this pump uses the most of your pump action, inflating the board on both the up AND down action. It’s lightweight and fits neatly into your Bluefin SUP backpack, along with all the other accessories.

How to inflate your iSUP – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Lock in your pump
  2. Pump until your PSI is registered (it will show at around 3PSI) and keep going until your required PSI has been hit
  3. Unlock your pump and twist your valve cap on. Even though this pump is powerful, it is a good warm-up for your paddling adventures.

Kick back and relax – how do I inflate an iSUP with an electric pump?

Inflate to 16PSI in under 15 minutes. Our new Bluefin Electric SUP Air pump takes all the work out of the inflation process. Super portable (1.2kg) and powered through the car-cigarette chargers these pumps can go anywhere with you.

How to use this pump

  1. Plug the pump into your car cigarette charging port. The 3M long cable allows you to do this with ease
  2. Lock in the valve end securely
  3. Set the required PSI using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons
  4. Press the on button and your pump with roar into life
  5. The pump will automatically cut off when the board has reached the set PSI
  6. Unlock your pump and fasten the valve cap
    Check out our electric pump here!

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