What Are Your SUP Expedition Goals?

It’s been WAY too long since we travelled freely and adventured on our paddleboards, right?  Some of us have been lucky enough to live closeby to lakes or canals during the many lockdowns. But either way, its no wonder that we are all full of wanderlust for better days outside with our SUPs.

And here at Bluefin SUP, we think it’s high time we get your travelling taste buds tingling! So we’ve collated a few of the most incredible paddling locations from all over the world. 

So take a good look and tell us….where’s your next SUP expedition taking you?

Cornwall, England

Recognised for its magnificent coastline, Cornwall is an area of outstanding beauty in the southwest of England. With its perfect conditions for watersports, Cornwall is flocked to every year for paddleboarding, sailing and kayaking on the glorious blue ocean. It’s also a hotspot for seals and other wildlife who like to pop up and say hello from time to time. So you’ll never be along on the water for long!

Lago di Braies, Italy

Located within South Tyrol, Lago di Braies is a picturesque lake within Italy’s Dolomite mountain range. Loved for its clear emerald coloured waters, visitors enjoy taking a slow paddle to explore the lake and marvel at the beauty of its surroundings. And the fun doesn’t stop there as you can check out one of the many walking or hiking trails too. It’s also super easy to get to whether you have a car or prefer jumping on public transport, making it one location not to be missed on your SUP expeditions. 

Bavaria, Germany

Boasting over 300 blue alpine lakes, Bavaria is a paddlers haven! Did you know that many of Bavaria’s lakes were originally formed during the Ice Age? How’s that for a fun fact?! The most popular lake to visit is Lake Ammersee which is ideal for all of your watersports needs – and has plenty of space too! But don’t let your outdoor adventures stop there, as there are many opportunities for hiking and camping to get you away from the monotonous urban rat-race and embracing nature.

Idaho, US

Home to the Rocky Mountains, the Snake River Plain as well as the Great Basin, Idaho is full of natural, untouched landscapes. And within its 25 counties, Idaho comprises many glorious lakes! With some lakes spanning up to 380 km, Idaho’s most popular lakes are Lake Pend Orielle, Bear Lake and Lake Coeur d’Alene. So if you’re looking for a road trip full of paddling and secluded spots to explore, look no further than Idaho for your next SUP expedition!


With at least 165 canals, the Netherlands’s waterways are to be admired! Before the turn of the 20th century, the canals were largely polluted, but today you wouldn’t even imagine it. The canals are a wonderful place for your SUP expedition as you’ll paddle past stunning buildings, under intrinsic bridges, and will find something new around every corner. We recommend visiting the canals during warmer months though, as the cooler months regularly see the canals freeze over! 

Brecon Beacons, Wales

As a stunning mountain range within South Wales, the Brecon Beacons consists of many lakes and waterways to explore within its National Park. With waters graded from Grade 1 (easy) up to Grade 6 (extremely hard), there’s a waterway suitable for every paddler. And if you wanted a SUP lesson or to explore in a group, the local instructors have everything covered for you. So if you’re looking for a SUP expedition for all the family, add Wales to the list!


So have we got you excited for your next SUP expedition? Do any of the locations mentioned take your fancy? And are you ready to make your SUP expedition goals a reality? Let us know!

We always LOVE to see where you’ve been venturing with your SUPs! Remember to tag us @bluefinsups in your next Instagram post for a chance to be featured on our Bluefin Sups page!

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