2020: Our Year In Paddleboard Pictures

While we’re in the middle of a cold and wet February, we wanted to lift your spirits by bringing you some of the best paddleboard pictures from 2020.

From furry SUP companions to adventurous finds, this is for you, our lovely paddling community!

So stick your feet up and settle in with a nice beverage, as we’re taking you through some of our favourite paddleboard pictures!

No paddleboard throwback is complete without a tribute to our SUP Pups! And, c’mon, they are just adorable!

Even our feline friends are in on the paddling action!

One of our fave pics is of Sammy the Seal’s hop onto a Bluefin SUP. We should all be more like Sammy and take it easy from time to time!

You never know who or what you’ll come across on your SUP adventures…this furry creature is telling us to MOOve along!

As you well know, SUP expeditions can take any shape or form! This paddleboard picture shows us that a journey can be anywhere you want it to be.

Some of us enjoy combining SUP with a bit of yoga. Namaste.

The more adventurous of us love to get our adrenaline pumping by riding a wave.

Whereas, others prefer a calm and peaceful moonlight paddle. Just look at the serenity of this paddleboard picture!

Here’s a reminder to never let lockdown get you down, as you can always find a way to do something you love!

Lastly, remember that using your SUP is a great way to unwind and relax, which after a hard year is exactly what we need a little more of!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these paddleboard pictures and for now, that’s all from us, folks!

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