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Our Mammoth Bluefin SUP: Chilli & Family

Grace Toriado |

When I came across Bluefin, I already had three single paddleboards to my name. Although I didn’t feel I needed another one when I looked on their website, I scanned through what was on offer then came across ‘The Mammoth’ SUP.

This had to be the next piece of equipment in our paddleboarding fleet and it has completely changed our paddleboarding experience. It’s an inflatable stand up paddleboard which can fit ten people on it (six comfortably) and feels like a great big raft on the water.

Paddling the Mammoth SUP

At first, It felt bonkers for the two of us to have a ten-man board. When would we use it? How could we use it with just the two of us? Do we need it? Once it arrived at my front door, I couldn’t lift the box into the house! It took me and Tim to put our biceps to work to drag it to the garden so we could see how big this really was. Despite being out of puff and thankful I had three Weetabix’s that day instead of two, it was ready to be unboxed. Within ten minutes, the board was inflated and it stretched the width of my garden. The thing was huge! I stood on it, Tim lay on it, Pepper pounced on it; there was room for everyone and quite possibly most of my Year 2 class!

Room for two, three or more…

Before, when we had shared a single man with the dog it was a bit of a squash and a squeeze all fitting on the same board. Over longer journeys, Pepper would become impatient and refuse to lie down as she was too interested in pawing the water and eyeballing the gazillion sticks which float past you. However, on the Mammoth SUP, this wasn’t a problem. It was too big for her to make any significant wobbles. The Mammoth is wide enough for her to stretch out without coming close to the sides. The size of it meant we could sail downstream with our tent, cool box and even a disposable BBQ!

This ten-man board is a luxury for the three of us. If we were a family and had children, then this would be a brilliant investment. Think of all the fun you could have with your kids. As you’re all on the same board you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting tired on a single paddleboard and having to be towed, or them steering into branches and floating off in the wrong direction! This board is brilliant fun for all of those family trips you could enjoy together safely. Another way to look at it is value for money. The Mammoth SUP is also great value for money. We have found that some individual paddleboards can be well over the price of this board.

So invest in this great piece of kit and enjoy its endless benefits. We love our Mammoth SUP.