How to mount GoPro to a SUP

In order to capture awesome footage during your paddle board adventures and be able to share your SUP experiences with the world, the versatile GoPro camera comes in handy. If you’ve ever wondered how to mount your GoPro to a SUP, you’ve come to the right place. 


The first point to be aware of is that there are two common types of mounting mechanisms – the suction cup mount and the adhesive (sticky) mount.

As a general rule of thumb, the suction cup mount should only be used on the completely smooth part of a SUP’s surface to prevent displacement. If you have a board that falls into this category, then make the cup slightly wet before securing it in place, to maximise the suction. The adhesive mount, on the other hand, will firmly attach to any surface, regardless of whether it is perfectly flat or slightly uneven.

The following steps are based on utilising an adhesive mount – the recommended universal solution to fasten your GoPro securely to a SUP.


  • Wash the section of the board you intend to attach the mount to with soapy water, ensuring you remove any small debris or unwanted wax that may be present to unceremoniously sabotage the adhesive hold.
  • Once you’re confident the surface area to attach your device is spick and span, allow it to dry completely before affixing your adhesive mount for optimal functionality.
  • Thereafter, carefully remove the back of the adhesive on the mount, ensuring not to mistakenly bring it into contact with any ill-suited objects – it is that sticky and removal can become a fairly laborious operation!
  • Next, firmly pin the mount in place by applying effective downward pressure to it using mostly your thumbs for 1 – 2 minutes.
  • When the mount is securely in position, allow the adhesive to dry accordingly for at least 24 – 48 hours before making a splash on your maiden voyage with the newly installed hardware. –
  • Finally, firmly clasp the GoPro on the mount and you will soon be recording spectacular footage the next time you hit the water.

Extra tips!

  • Encase your camera in a floaty to avoid losing your valuable device and irreplaceable shots of your adventures.
  • Attain ultimate flexibility by using a “spin-mount” that provides 360∞ rotation to capture the best action angles.
  • Attach your GoPro to a leash mount for additional security and peace of mind.


For all you action camera lovers, we have now incorporated a Go-Pro mount into our SUP design. ALL Bluefin SUPs now come with a Go-Pro mount integrated into the construction. The fixed mount allows for security and stability when paddling. Simply click in your GoPro mount to the fitting and you are good to go!


To celebrate our new GoPro mount capabilities we are now offering a FREE Action Camera with ALL of our SUPs (RRP. £99). Paddle, shoot and share. Tag us in your Action Camera shots: #bluefinsup on our Instagram:

Here are some of our paddlers in action:

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