What to Wear to SUP Yoga?

Unlike many other watersports, or sports in general, for SUP Yoga you do not need to have specific clothing or equipment to get out on the water. As long as you’re safe, dressed for the weather and comfortable you are ready to get your asanas on! However, if you need some pointers, we have put together some of our (and our paddlers) recommendations for SUP Yoga wear. We looked at our favourites, as well as how you can keep your SUP yoga kit as eco-friendly as possible.

The Essentials for SUP Yoga

1. Leggings. Or Yoga pants. Stretchy, comfortable and fast-drying, leggings will allow you to flow freely and are something that almost everyone has at home.

Karine recommends Liquido Fashion leggings. Made with eco fabric, which when breaks down into organic material, meaning it is a 0 waste product. They also look good too! Check out Karine in her Yoga leggings below.

We also like Ocean One Designs, who Laura (@lauracorbe) introduced us to. They have some unique designs and are not-for-profit. Purchasing leggings from here would mean great leggings but also a donation to beach clean-ups and the protection of sharks. Check out Laura and her daughter land-Yoga-ing in their hammerhead leggings – how cool!

2. T-shirt/ Sports top. Anything that is a light material, breathable and comfortable. You could look at wearing a rash guard, but they aren’t as comfy as a cotton t-shirt. For this, you could just wear anything you have at home. Although, we have found a couple of funky suggestions.

To stand out on your SUP, have a look at Yogamasti, they hand-paint designs onto their tops and they are available for both men and women. Check out @acroyogacoach below.

For Eco-Active wear, People Tree is a great place for simple but effective SUP Yoga wear. They only work with Fair Trade factories and definitely have our seal of approval. This is our favourite from their range:

3. On a warm day, you might want to ditch the t-shirt and wear a sports bra and leggings (ladies!). Support and comfort are key here, and although your SUP Yoga top may have a built-in bra, headstands on a paddleboard may call for extra support here.

Karine, alongside Liquido, wears aloyoga, they offer tons of different styles and colours. They also push their eco-aware message and are solar-powered! Here’s Karine in alo.

We also like 3rd rock clothing. They offer organic and ethical activewear for everyone. Kyuri looking amazing in her 3rd rock yoga-wear.

Extra kit to bring

1. Your SUP – what is SUP Yoga without one? Well, Yoga… We would recommend looking at the Bluefin Cruise range or the Voyage for even more stability.

2. A water bottle. Keep hydrated! We like the bottles from Surfers Against Sewage which are made by Chillys.

3. A blanket, for your end of flow savasana (or nap!). We love the quality of The Future Kept’s 100% recycled wool. Cosy or what?!

All of the above are just recommendations of things we like here at Bluefin, we are not affiliated with any of these companies. We hope you have enjoyed our look at ‘What to wear for SUP Yoga’ and it encourages you to get out on the water and try it. If you are a SUP Yoga beginner, then have a read of a guest blog written by our paddler Karine. It talks you through everything you need to know.

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