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Top 10 SUP Pictures

Jenny Buckley |

Paddleboarding as well as being great fun and good exercise allows you to get to locations that you wouldn’t be able to get to on foot or even by boat. Daily, our paddlers share AMAZING pictures of their Summer SUP adventures. We absolutely love seeing where you guys get to and how you are paddling (even if we are *slightly* jealous).

For this Community Post, we have looked at some of our and your favourite SUP pics. So here are the Top 10 paddleboarding pictures all found on our Instagram…

#1 Heaven on Earth?

This photo from Laura had tears in our eyes. How can water be THAT blue?! Laura and her family spend half the year exploring and the other half in their house in the highlands. Who’s jealous?

Destination: Bahamas, SUP: 10’8 Cruise

#2 Activity Holidays Greece

Nina from AHG is mastering the waves on the 10’8. Activity Holidays Greece is based in Nidri on the island of Lefkas, Greece. Fact: They were the first place to offer paddleboarding on Bluefin boards.

#3 The UK isn’t always rainy!

“Sometimes you just can’t wait to get out on the water so you chance it by going fully clothed.” We don’t blame you @a_cornish_life.

Destination: St Michael’s Mount, SUP: 12’ Cruise Carbon.

#4 Perfect Reflection

We don’t know how long it took to get this shot, but it was definitely worth it. Allgäu, Germany is definitely on our Bucket List (or SUP-it list) now!

#5 Follow Your Nose

One of our favourite paddlers, Jason, out on his Carbon. We are used to Jason tagging us in pictures of gritty Yorkshire canals but since his move to Spain, we are loving the sunny snaps.

#6 Three’s a crowd?

We couldn’t believe it when we saw Amber, her dog AND her cat on their iSUP together. Crazy or what?!

#7 #VanLife

“One day you’ll wake up and you won’t have time for the things you always wanted to do. Do it now.” We LOVE seeing our SUPs on the move. Don’t want to have to pump up at your next destination? Just stick it on the roof!

#8 Sunset SUP

Marco woke up at 2.50 am to catch the sunrise, commitment or what?!

Destination: Riviera del Conero, Italy, SUP: 12’ Cruise

#9 Lake Louise

Lake Louise, Canada, looks like the perfect paddling spot. Thanks to Kirsten for this amazing shot.

#10 Stable table

The guys from SUP TV putting our board to the test! Seeing reviews about our SUPs warms our hearts. To see their whole review, watch here:

Want to see more?

We grabbed all of these pictures from our Instagram feed and our tagged photos. You can also see more Bluefin SUP pics on the #bluefinsup hashtag.

We will be back with a Top Winter SUP Pictures as soon as it gets colder! Happy paddling!