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Paddle into SUPFest 2024

SUPFest 2024 Paddle Board Festival

Are you ready to embark on an aquatic adventure like no other? Look no further than SUPFest 2024 , one of the biggest paddleboarding festivals in the UK! This year is bigger and better than ever before, this year's SUPFest promises an array of thrilling activities and events that will leave you exhilarated and craving for more, some of these events include SUP Yoga, Mammoth racing, live music, plenty of workshops & talks from the likes of David Haze & Brendon Prince.

SUPFest 2024 Activities and Events

As mentioned, SUPFest will be home to the Mammoth Paddleboarding race, lots of chances to win a Bluefin Paddleboard as well as try our SUPs first hand! There’s also an array of live music sessions to adventure presentations and family-friendly fun, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

When is SUPFest 2024? 24th-27th May, 2024

Where is SUPFest 2024? : Drybeck Farm, Armathwaite, Carlisle, Cumbria CA4 9ST

Where can I get tickets?

Ready to secure your spot at SUPFest 2024? Click here to purchase your tickets now and guarantee yourself an unforgettable experience! One extra note: you can buy festival tickets without having to camp on-site. If you are planning to camp, however, don’t forget to book your camping pitch as well. (You can buy tickets and camping at the same time)

Take a look at last years SUPFest

Get a glimpse of the excitement at SUPFest by checking out our captivating photo gallery from previous years. Get ready to create your own unforgettable memories at SUPFest 2024!

Supfest 2024 SUP Race
Supfest 2024 Kids
Supfest 2024 SUP Race
Supfest 2024 Awards

Bluefin SUP & SUPFest

We're really proud to be the headline sponsor for SUPFest for the third year running. John has been an absolute delight to work with and we really value the relationship we have built over the past few years. We are looking forward to seeing what SUPFest 2024 holds!

At SUPFest 2024, you'll have the chance to meet the Bluefin Team & learn about the design process, technology, and passion that goes into creating the perfect paddleboard for your aquatic adventures. Also, we are preparing exciting games and gifts for all SUPFest goers!

Bluefin Team at Supfest

Get ready to paddle into excitement at SUPFest 2024! Secure your tickets, gather your friends, and join us for a weekend of unforgettable paddleboarding fun. We can't wait to see you on the water!

We have also prepared an exclusive Interview with John, founder of this event and a mastermind behind this amazing event.

1. What is SUPFest?

It is an annual gathering of the SUP community that takes place over the first weekend of the May half term holidays. The festival includes camping/ campervan or caravan pitches, live music, DJ’s, keynote speakers, Brand demos as well as SUP competitions, races, and fun for all age groups. The key emphasis of SUPFEST is inclusivity and fun, so don’t expect intense competition, whilst winners will get medals. Prizes are allocated by race number raffle not performance.

2. When did you start SUPFest?

The first official SUPfest was in 2016 although its origins date back to around 2010 when our friends and family used to meet once a year in May for a weekend camping and splashing and just having fun on the water. This gathering grew year on year until we realised it was time to add some infrastructure marquees, music, etc. we all chipped in to create a mini festival feel and SUPFEST was born.

3. Where and when does it take place?

The first camping weekends and then SUPFest took place on Bassenthwaite lake, its soon became apparent that whilst the site was lovely it lacked the infrastructure to grow beyond a few hundred and the exposed location was always an issue when the wind picked up. The Decision to move the event to Dry beck farm on the River Eden was taken in 2017 our good friend Steve “the farmer” Roberts had opened a camping and glamping site in the most idyllic location on the banks of the beautiful river Eden on the edge of the LDNP. The location was perfect, sheltered from the prevailing westerly winds, with 2km of the Channel pool section of the river giving perfect paddling conditions for all ages and abilities.

4. Why did you start SUPFest?

The realisation that as a growing community we had the opportunity to create an event that was for everyone was the driving force. We didn’t want full on racing or long-distance challenge events, we just wanted to camp in an amazing location, relax, paddle with our friends meet new people and have fun splashing about on our boards. Then in the evening kick back, eat good food, listen to music, talk and just be! The beauty of supfest is no matter what you’re into its there for you. Relax, party, mess about, chill out, dance, talk, listen to music, eat great food, drink good beer, meet cool people, make new friend meet old friends, listen to inspiration speakers, learn new skill the list goes on.

5. Who is SUPFest for?

SUPFest is for everyone, it's all about its inclusivity. As part of a paddleboarding community you’ll be made to feel at home.

6. How many people attend SUPFest?

SUPfest has grown organically since the very beginning, this year's event is capped at 600 as we feel this is a comfortable number to ensure we keep the event true to its origins.

7. Who is involved in SUPFest? 

It's very much a community event that brings together paddlers from all areas and disciplines as we’ve grown, we’ve brought more and more people into the team to manage and run the festival logistics, all bringing their unique skill set to the party. Sound engineers, lighting guys, guest speakers, bands, Dj’s, stage managers, compares, instructors, safety team, campsite managers, marshalls, yoga teachers, bar staff, health and safety specialists, SUP polo hosts, artists, massage therapists, catering staff, fire safety officers, security, first aid professionals the list goes on but the key thing every person on site is part of the community. Then when you add in the amazing support we get from our Brand and Retail sponsors bringing demo boards and contributing to the community feel not forgetting the amazing prizes and giveaways they bring. You have the formula for an amazing weekend.

8. What do you love the most about SUPFest?

Meeting new people and making new friends.

9. What would you say to anyone thinking about attending SUPFest this year? 

Just do it. From the moment you arrive on site and feel the community spirit you’ll realise you’re in the right place. It's not like any event you’ve ever been to, it's run by the people for the people. Just get involved.

10. Do you have any plans for future SUPFest events?

We’ve given this a lot of thought and aim to build slowly year on year making changes based on keeping the ethos pure rather than growth at all costs.

Join us as we paddle into excitement and celebrate the spirit of camaraderie and adventure that defines SUPFest. See you on the water!

Ellie Cox

Passionate collaborator who thrives on connecting with ambassadors and fostering vibrant communities. With a dedication to building meaningful relationships and empowering voices.

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