SUP Storage: Can I store my SUP inflated?

One of the best parts of having an inflatable paddleboard is not only is it easy to transport but also storing your paddleboard is really easy. We are often asked, “Can I store my SUP inflated?” – the quick answer to this question is yes. You can store iSUPs inflated, but you do need to maintain your inflatable paddleboard to keep it in tip-top condition! We have compiled some tips below on iSUP SUP Storage.

Before Storing

Whether you are storing your inflatable paddle board still inflated or rolled up, you need to ensure that the paddleboard is dry and clean before storage. If you use your Bluefin iSUP in saltwater, make sure it is washed down with fresh water after each use. Also, if rolling the paddleboard, make sure that there is no water around the pump area as this may mean that water will get into the board whilst it is stored.

SUP Storage – Inflated

Here are a few tips for SUP storage whilst still inflated:

  • Make sure you store your iSUP out of direct sunlight. If your iSUP gets too hot the air may expand, potentially causing damage to your paddleboard.
  • The paddleboard will stay inflated, but may slightly decrease in pressure over time. Make sure you top your iSUP up to the correct PSI before heading out on the water.
  • If you are storing your Bluefin inflatable paddleboard outside make sure it is raised off the ground and covered to prevent sun exposure.

SUP Storage: Storing Rolled Up

  • If you are storing your Bluefin iSUP for a long time, we recommend storing it rolled up.
  • Store your deflated paddleboard in your Bluefin carry-bag to keep it looking new.
  • Ensure your paddleboard is completely dry and grit/salt-free before rolling.
  • To make sure you have rolled your paddleboard correctly have a read of our rolling tips below.

How to Deflate and Roll Up your Inflatable Paddle Board

  1. Open the valve cover on your paddleboard
  2. Press slightly on the pushpin inside the valve with your fingertip to release some air pressure
  3. Press the valve in completely and turn the pushpin in either direction, locking it in the open position.
  4. Then, start rolling the board from the rear.
  5. Use the straps included to secure.

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