5 Magical SUP Spots To Check Out This Autumn

It’s that time of year again where we’re digging out our jumpers and getting comfy on the sofa with hot chocolates and blankets. That’s right, Autumn has well and truly arrived!

As you know, the arrival of Autumn doesn’t mean that you have to stop paddling! Oh no, my friend. Autumn, although necessary to be more mindful of your paddling conditions, has numerous magical paddleboard spots that you just have to explore at this time of year. 

Autumn Paddleboard Spots:

Many of our paddlers find that cooler weather helps them to paddle for longer compared to the summer months. You just need to throw on an additional layer such as a hoodie, making it super easy to get out on the water with little hassle. And with the days starting to slowly draw in, it’s more important than ever to get outside and make the most of those beautiful daylight hours. And what better way to do this than paddling alongside the stunning Autumn foliage?

It’s rumoured that taking in the beauty and colours of the Autumn foliage, with all the stunning red and browning hues, has a direct soothing impact on our minds; boosting our overall wellbeing. So, if that doesn’t make you want to run to the water with a paddleboard in tow, maybe the following 5 Magical SUP Spots will:

Paddleboard Spot One: Fylleån River – Sweden

The Fylleån River, located in the Halland region on Sweden’s west coast, is an incredible place for paddling enthusiasts due to its calm water and route through beautiful woodlands to the sea. Let’s be honest here, Sweden is an all-around paddling hotspot as a result of its multitude of lakes, rivers, waterways and archipelagos, but the stand out location in Autumn is the Fylleån River. Designated as a world heritage site since 2001 and with zero elevation from the river mouth, heading to this river in Autumn will prove a stunning paddling expedition that’ll ensure that you’re easily paddling long distances and enjoying the scenery.

Paddleboard Spot Two: Scotland – Hermitage Bridge

As I’m sure we all know from the chilling mystery of the Loch Ness monster, Scotland is full of Lochs. But there is one other place, full of wonder and mystery that can be discovered on the River Braan, and that is The Hermitage. Dating back from 1770, the above image shows Hermitage Bridge, just one part of the National Trust protected site. The bridge, in particular, has become an iconic filming spot, with The Outlander most recently filming in this enchanting forest. The River Braan will take you on a paddle full of historical views, calm water, and if you get tired, there’s even a fabulous Circular Walk which is pretty popular!

Paddleboard Spot Three: Lake Placid, Adirondack Park – the Adirondack Mountains, New York/US

If you’re looking to travel across the pond this Autumn or ‘Fall’, should we say, you’ll find no better place to paddle than Lake Placid within the Adirondack Park outside of New York. Aside from the stunning and calm waters of Lake Placid, which has the most perfect conditions for SUPping and kayaking in the Autumn months, not to mention the gorgeous surrounding Autumn colours and foliage. The park is surrounded by the forested Adirondack Mountains, where you can hike, and even ski during winter. Making it a fabulous location for an all-around active vacation!

Paddleboard Spot Four: The Canals of Utrecht, Netherlands

When you think of Holland, the typical tourist destination is Amsterdam with many choosing to post the all-important picture of them standing next to the globally recognised canals. However, the stunning canals of neighbouring Utrecht shouldn’t be overlooked. The Utrecht canals are calmer here, with fewer boats and tourists, and in Autumn, the trees that line the canals give off a beautiful mystical autumn feeling. The best part is that you’ll get a fantastic view of some of the most iconic and historic buildings within Utrecht from the canals too, for an incredible paddling experience.

Paddleboard Spot Five: Tuscany, Italy

Imagine paddling through the iconic Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Tuscany? Well, your dream can very much come true, and not only that, the paddling route allows you to paddle past some of the most beautiful parts of Florence, all the way to the Tuscan coastline. So expect to really immerse yourself in both the city and coast here! In Autumn, Florence is renowned for its comfortable paddling temperatures, and with fewer tourists than in the summer period, it’s the ideal location for avid paddlers. You can even treat yourself to a delicious gelato afterwards!

So there you have it, 5 incredible paddleboard spots that you can head to this Autumn for a paddling experience that you won’t forget! Now, if there’s a fantastic Autumn paddling location that you’ve discovered then let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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