Our favourite SUP-kayaking Spots in Scandinavia

, Our favourite SUP-kayaking Spots in Scandinavia

We travelled eight weeks through Norway, Sweden and Finland with our Campervan and of course, we took our Bluefin SUPs with us. The northern part of Europe is perfect to go out SUPing or kayaking with your boards.

Norway – Sognefjord

The Sognefjord is the longest and deepest fjord in Europe. It has lots of ‘arms’ that leave the fjord, our favourite is the Aurlandsfjord. It is beautiful. We decided to SUP on the Aurlandsfjord first and then go over to the Sognefjord. Both fjords have banks in which to launch your boards, also they are not too busy. You may see the odd cruise ship in the distance, but they come nowhere near where you will paddle. They do create small waves, but that’s part of the fun!

The most exciting thing about the Sognefjord is that you may have the chance to see porpoises! We saw a pod and they were about 10 or 15 metres away. This made our experience at Sognefjord super special. To top it off we ended the day with dinner and wine next to the lake after our paddle. 

, Our favourite SUP-kayaking Spots in Scandinavia

Norway – Lovatnet

The Lovatnet lake is a glacier lake with very cold but crystal clear water. It is a great place to cool down on a hot and sunny day. It was amazing to paddle around looking at this insane scenery. We would not have been able to see the amazing inlets and mountain scenes by foot. The SUPs allowed us to access a smaller inland pool that was so peaceful. We were the only ones there. 

, Our favourite SUP-kayaking Spots in Scandinavia

Sweden – Vänern

The Vänern lake is the biggest lake in Sweden and one of the biggest in Europe – it is such a beautiful and charming lake. It is the perfect spot to hang out and chill with your boards. There is a little beach located next to the lake, where you are able to easily launch your board, as well as sunbathe afterwards. Also, if it is windy, you can expect some waves – so calling all you SUP Surfers

, Our favourite SUP-kayaking Spots in Scandinavia

Finland – Yli Kitka

The Yli Kitka Lake is in the north of Finland, close to the Lappish part of Finland. This lake gets its water from the White Ocean next to Russia. It is a very nice lake surrounded by a lot of pines. It is one of several beautiful lakes in Finland. Whilst driving through Finland you could stop every half an hour at a beautiful and paddle-able lake. This lake has pro’s and con’s: the main pro is the glorious sunsets you can see, the con is that they are also accompanied by a lot of mosquitoes. So, don’t forget your bug spray! We stayed here for a few days and did not see another soul, so you are able to enjoy the un-touch nature alone. You are able to camp in the pine woods, have a campfire and disconnect from the world.

, Our favourite SUP-kayaking Spots in Scandinavia

Norway, Sweden and Finland offer a lot of beautiful lakes and fjords to enjoy a peaceful or adventurous outing with your boards. You even have the chance to spot a porpoise. We would wholeheartedly recommend a SUP trip to any of these destinations!

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