Adding a D Ring to an Inflatable Paddle Board

d ring bluefin sup

Paddleboarding is becoming an incredibly popular sport that presents infinite ways to customize and extend the paddle experience. Once you have your Bluefin inflatable stand up paddleboard and you have finally kicked-off the sunshine season, it may be time to start accessorizing your board with a D Ring or two for even more usage.

Adding a D Ring will expand the realm of your experience 

While Bluefin’s wide array of ready-made stand up paddleboards make it easier for you as they pack plenty of kits and possibilities, there are many arguments on customization: on top of being an enjoyable experience on its own, you’ll be able to take your iSUP to the next level. 

We all paddle and use our boards a little differently. You will realize your specific needs as you surf, yoga or paddle, and eventually, you’ll want to make the most of your SUP. Attaching a D Ring to your iSUP is the most straightforward golden ticket to discovering your perfect gear. 

Whether you are thinking about adding extra seats, some gear or a nice, compact cooler, we love D Rings as they are perhaps the most versatile of avenues to future accessories. They will allow you to test your limits thanks to those additional features you desire. 

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