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Our SUP spotlight: @healthyhappy50

SUP Community, SUP Community
“You’re too old for this action woman stuff Jo”.... 🏄‍♀️ Thrilled to bits to have written about #PaddleboardTheNorth for the brilliant @goldie_magazine 🙌. @goldie_magazine is an independent magazine celebrating life, love, style, fashion & culture... and how to age with attitude & boldness. ⚡️ I wrote about how someone told me at Easter that I was too old for paddleboarding after I had been training on the sea for the 4 days of that long, sunny weekend. ☀️💛 Of course, when the article was written & published shortly before I left for the canals, I didn’t know if I would succeed or if indeed it was too much for me personally. Maybe she was right.... 🌿 I wrote: “I don’t know what PaddleboardTheNorth will demand of me or if I will meet the challenge well. What I know for sure is that I need to give myself the chance to try, and I will give it every ounce of my being and more. I am not too old to do something wild and it is not too late to make a difference. The beach has taught me that.” 🐳💙☀️ So often when we want to do something unusual, new or bold, we won’t know the outcome. But we have a choice, we can listen to the doubters & naysayers and never start, or we can listen to the voice inside that says “maybe just maybe I can do it” and we can go for it. 💛 Whatever happens, particularly those of us in our 50s, I think it’s time we backed ourselves (many of us have backed everyone else but ourselves!) & create the chance to give it everything we’ve got. 💪 💪 We’re not too old & it’s never too late. ⚡️ Has anyone ever told you you are too old to do something? Did you do it anyway? Are you doing it now? Jx 😊💛 Thank you @goldie_magazine for this amazing opportunity to write for you. Honoured. 🙌 . . . . . . #neverstopexploring #nevertoolate #nevertooold #growingbolder #ageingboldly #goldiemagazine #womeninadventure #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #selfbelief #believeinyourself #PaddleboardTheNorth #over50 #dreambig #inspiringwomen #neverthelessshepersisted #positiveageing #agewell #over50andfabulous #over50fitness #tuesdaymotivation #shepaddles #thisgirlcan #2minutebeachclean #surftherapy
SUP Community, SUP Community
“Here’s to the risk takers. the fist shakers. the changemakers. the cheerleaders. the little bird feeders. the lamp lighters. the joy fighters. to the people standing in the gap between what is and what could be. those with love and vision for things we just cannot yet see. two little words that will help make things new - dream and, of course, dream’s close friend : do.” Reposted with kind permission of the wonderful @bradmontague 🙌 I first dreamed of #PaddleboardTheNorth in 2016, but a few negative comments & my own self doubt stopped me from pursuing the idea then. 💛 I tucked the dream away and let it grow as I wrote about for @adventure_she recently. 💛 Lessons learned in the 3 years from “dream to do” made it more than I could ever have imagined.... the friendship, the joy, the purpose and the gratitude.... 💕 the life affirming moments & the heart breaking plastic pollution.... 🐳 the generosity shown with my fundraising for @2minutebeachclean & @waveprojectuk .... and of course the film @fritstartingat30 & I are making... 🙌 Sometimes dreams take a little longer, and that’s ok.... trust the timings of your life 💕 Whatever it is that you dream of - however big or small - if you’re “standing in the gap between what is and what could be” ... then please dream & do too.... 💕 One tiny step today could be the start of that dream coming true! 💙 What is your dream for? What can you do today to take it forward? Please do let me know. Jo xx ☀️ Ps @bradmontague is truly beautiful & I’m so grateful he allowed me to share this. 📝 . . . . . . . #mondaymorning #wordsofwisdom #2minutebeachclean #dreamers #illustration #joy #joy #dreambig #illustration #illlustrators #adventureshe #inspiration #wordstiveby #neverstopexploring #nevertoolate #playingbig #neverthelessshepersisted #selfbelief #personalgrowth #waveproject #adventurer #midlifewomen #art #inspirationalquotes
SUP Community, SUP Community
Vitamin Sea.... ☀️💙 After standing on a paddleboard for so many days, it has been a joy to move my legs on the beach & in the sea this weekend. ☀️ This morning a lovely “treading water with fins” in the waves 💙. Watching the birds, feeling the breeze on my face & the tingle of the cold water. Fins make you feel like you have the longest, strongest of legs and the water is like a massage on your body. 🧜‍♀️ Your breathing gently slows and a calmness takes over. A few metres from the beach & yet a world away. ☀️💕 Then a #2minutebeachclean picking the plastic from the seaweed on the shoreline... bags, tape, rope, things I couldn’t identify! 🙄🐳 Walking along the beach last night there was a lot less plastic than I would normally see. 🙌 There’s no room for complacency but I do genuinely believe the beach clean board that @whitbybeachsweep have organised is making a difference. 💪🙏Brilliant them! 💛 I’m very excited about working together in the future so #PaddleboardTheNorth fundraising can help bring more boards to the Yorkshire coast. Thank you thank you to every one who has donated to my fundraising - it means such a lot to me. 💕🌿 Looking after the places that look after me. So very grateful to be 54 & able to do this. Joy, gratitude & purpose. 💕🐳. How did you look after yourself today? Did you spend time celebrating tiny joys? 💛💕🐳 xx . Leggings in pic 2 @findraclothing - Brand Ambassador . . . . . #2minutebeachclean #midlifewomen #2minutelitterpick #runswickbay #whitbybeachsweep #plasticpickup #plasticpollution #zerowaste #reducereuserecycle #seaswimming #outdoorswimming #findraeverydayadventures #womeninadventure #over50 #PaddleboardTheNorth #beachcleaner #zerowasteliving #yorkshirecoast #selfcare #selfcaresunday #bluehealth #menopause #anxiety #outdoorwomen #protectwhereyoulove #101thingsthatmakemesmile
SUP Community, SUP Community
Grace & I ~ Best Friends Forever! 💕 When you spend a few hours each day on your paddleboard you develop quite a friendship... so here’s Grace (my @bluefinsups board, named after @rnli hero Grace Darling) making life a little easier for me round the locks by jumping out! 😊🙌 How helpful is that?! 😁 Throwback to two weeks ago on a very special day on #PaddleboardTheNorth when my #2minutebeachclean friend @zedster57 joined me - all the way from Essex! 💪🙏- litter picking & chatting & being the most awesome company! 🌿 I paddled 25 miles that day, arriving home to Skipton with my torches and following the fairy lights of the narrow boats & homes by the towpath. ⭐️ And @zedster57 was there to meet me! 🙌💚💛 One of the most magical days of the adventure & my life. ⭐️ Joined also by @jooliehoolie & Steve & Lesley from the local newspaper who came to take a photo! 🙌 Friendship, kindness, paddling & litter picking 💚🌿 - special times. 💚 Have a lovely day! 💚🌿 Pic by @zedster57 Board @bluefinsups Brand Ambassador Leggings @findraclothing Brand Ambassador T shirt @2minutebeachclean - bought myself! 🐳 . . . . . . . #standuppaddle #standuppaddleuk #2minutebeachclean #2minutelitterpick #paddleboarding #standuppaddling #bluefinsups #canalandrivertrust #lifesbetterbywater #shepaddles #britishcanoeing #leedsliverpoolcanal #desmondfamilycanoetrail #yorkshire #findraeveryday #findraeverydayadventures #womeninadventure #adventuretime #sup #inflatablesup #womenover50 #over50andstrong #over50andfit #plasticschallenge #skipton
SUP Community, SUP Community
“Fruit Bat picks up litter on glorified surfboard”..... one of the comments that made me smile on the BBC Yorkshire Facebook page about their clip on #PaddleboardTheNorth 😊🌿🏄‍♀️A video which to date has had over 203,000 views already on @bbclooknorth FB page! 🙌 Whilst it’s not a total compliment being called a “fruit bat” 🤔, it reminded me of @glennondoyle post “If you ever find yourself talking about me, make sure you finish off with, she’s just doing her thing though” 🙌🌿 Because I am just doing my thing- picking up litter from the canals, making a film with @fritstartingat30 about our adventure at home, trying to make a small difference to the health of these incredible waterways & the bird life that lives amongst the plastic bottles.... and doing something that brings me such joy & purpose. 🌿💚 One of the greatest joys of getting older & of finding something that brings your soul to life is really not worrying what others think....😊 So let’s all keep doing our thing, inspiring each other to find what brings us joy & purpose, let’s be Fruit Bats & proud! 😊🙌💪 What’s your “she/he is just doing their thing tho?” - please do tell me! 😊🌿 And thank you if you’re one of the 200,000 views! Wow! 😊🙌 #paddleboarding #standuppaddle #standuppaddleuk#britishcanoeing #canalandrivertrust #leedsliverpoolcanal #desmondfamilycanoetrail #shepaddles #sup #canal #2minutelitterpick #2minutebeachclean #waveproject #surftherapy #bbcyorkshire #tunnel #plasticpickup #plasticpollution #bluefinsups #womeninadventure #plasticschallenge #neverstopexploring #over50 #womenover50 #midlifewomen #findra #findraeveryday Board - @bluefinsups Leggings - @findraclothing Proud #BrandAmbassador for both Shoes - @keeneurope @keen - #gifted Picture by my friend Jenni Godsland 🙌
SUP Community, SUP Community
Look who came for tea & a wonderful morning of adventure chat today! The amazing @al_humphreys 😊🙌. What an absolute joy it was to welcome him to my little house (also an excellent motivation to tidy up all my post challenge kit! 😊) and talk #PaddleboardTheNorth, being brave & adventures on your doorstep. 🌿🚲 If you follow him already, you’ll know he has an adventure CV that is just incredible. Cycling the world, rowing oceans, Marathon des Sables, ambassador for @theoutdoorswimmingsociety, speaker, film maker & author of many books, including #Microadventures. 🚲🏕🌿 He’s currently on a month long journey exploring Yorkshire & I could not be more honoured that he should take time to meet me. 😊 It was the perfect end to two crazy, wonderful weeks of feeling so alive, so joyful & present to the possibilities that life has to offer. As he left, he said “write lists” and that’s what I’ve been doing since. Planning, thinking & dreaming... 😊How can I build upon what I’ve learned? How can I make more of a difference to plastic pollution, @waveprojectuk & @2minutebeachclean? 🌿🏄‍♀️🐳 If he’s new to you, I really recommend you follow Alastair @al_humphreys - because as well as all the amazing things he’s achieved, he’s just the loveliest, most modest & thoughtful chap. 🚲🙌 Your feed will be all the more uplifting & interesting! 🙏 Thank you Alastair - here’s to adventures big & small. Here’s to living life to the full. 🌿 #findra #findraeveryday #findraeverydayadventures #alastairhumphreys #microadventures #microadventure #adventuretime #adventureonyourdoorstep #goniceplacesdogoodthings #yorkshire #exploremore #adventuretime #neverstopexploring #womeninadventure #2minutelitterpick #2minutebeachclean #surftherapy #waveproject
SUP Community, SUP Community
Ooh we (Grace my @bluefinsups board & I ) were invited to @bbcyorkshire to be on the telly & radio on Thursday! 😊🙏 What an absolute joy to talk about #PaddleboardTheNorth, raising money for @waveprojectuk & @2minutebeachclean and picking up litter along the way! 😊🌈 @bbclooknorth has been such a part of my childhood - to sit on the red sofa with Harry Gration & Amy Garcia @Amy’s lairegarcia was such an honour & privilege. 😊🙌 Earlier in the day I had spoken to Radio York @georgeyspanners Georgey Spanswick & been on Gayle Lofthouse’s Show on Radio Leeds. With my paddle in the studio! 💛 I’ve invited everyone to join me for some paddleboarding one day in York - and the amazing @yorkshirerows would like to come too! They have been a massive inspiration to me! 🙏 @bbcyorkshire made a short video diary of #PaddleboardTheNorth which has already been viewed 39k times on Facebook - which I hope will encourage other people to do a #2minutelitterpick & look after our beautiful waterways. 🌿 I wore my Mum’s vintage dress for good luck & my @welcometoyorkshire ometoyorkshire Y badge from @rhs Chelsea Flower Show. 🌺🌸 Thank you so much for all your kind messages, donations & encouragement- it really means a huge amount. I’m very very grateful. Jx 😊 Have a wonderful weekend! Xx 🌸🌿 . . . . #paddleboarding #bbcleeds #bbcyorkshire #2minutelitterpick #waveproject #surftherapy #2minutebeachclean #bluefinsups #leeds #leedsliverpoolcanal #canalandrivertrust #desmondfamilycanoetrail #lifesbetterbywater #shepaddles #britishcanoeing #looknorth #harrygration #tvstudio #wiwt #ootd #over50andfabulous #vintagefashion #vintagedresses #ecofashion #midlifewomen #womeninadventure . . . .


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Paddling with your kids 👍🏼/👎🏼? | It was great to hear/see @thefunemployedfamily talk about their experiences 🌊❤️🤙🏼 | #repost @thefunemployedfamily ・・・ Getting kids to stretch their comfort zone, good or bad? 🤷🏼‍♂️ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Here’s a scenario many parents know well: ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ •Kid: “I want to be brave and do fun activity X!” ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ •Parent: “Yay, let’s do it!” Parent goes through all the effort to prepare for activity X and just as you’re ready to start... ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ •Kid: “No! I don’t want to!!!!” ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ •Parent: “😕” ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ So, what do you do? As parents it’s so easy to cave in when you can sense a bit of fear in your kids, but at what point do you encourage them to power through the activity? ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ That was paddle boarding for Liesel. She surprised us at 18 months and asked to ride on the SUP last summer. Then she didn’t want to. Then she did. Then she didn’t. We went anyway. At first she didn’t love it, but by the time we got back to shore she wouldn’t get off the board and wanted to continue 😂. We’ve found that 99% of the time once she faces her fear she ends up saying “Can we do that again??!!” ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ——————————————— 🏄‍♀️ @TheFUNemployedFamily ——————————————— ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ #sup #paddleboard #supwithkids #exploreyourworld #supwithus #paddle #holiday #bluesea #standuppaddle #familyadventure #lifegoals