A SUP Love Story

Our journey begins at the beginning of the 2010s, born from a well-spent youth on the water in the western Southern Uplands, and a love for all things aqua.

From our enchantment came an eagerness to create a range of premium construction inflatable boards that all the family could enjoy, just as much as we did – and still do, without breaking the bank, and without compromising on quality.

As an ocean-spirited family business, we have worked passionately on that promise. Many years have been invested, working tirelessly on research and development and constantly making improvements to the Bluefin collection.

We sell direct to you, cutting out the middle-man, passing on those savings and remaining true to our pledge.

Today, we stand proud to offer a special selection of boards to suit everybody; from juniors and complete amateurs looking to get into the sport for the first-time, to seasoned ocean-tourers. There’s a Bluefin for everyone: made with love, by SUP lovers.