Bluefin SUPs: Our Community

, Bluefin SUPs: Our Community

Hey, Lizzie here from the Bluefin SUP team. I wanted to speak to you guys, well write to you about our SUP Community; what it is, what we want it to be and how to access it.

Bluefin SUP Community: About us!

, Bluefin SUPs: Our Community
The team, rather soggy, post paddle.

I have worked for Bluefin for four years (nearly) and have been here since the start of the Bluefin SUP brand. I have done it all; customer service, emails, social media and website stuff. But I now focus mainly on my favourite part – lucky me – the community.

As you may already know, we are a family-run business and by that I mean, Will and his partner Charlotte are the founders. I am actually Will’s cousin – but, I did get the job on merit – I think (?!) We are all mates here and spend weekdays in the office and weekends out paddling.

What do I mean by Community?

, Bluefin SUPs: Our Community

As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, the word ‘Community’ is: “The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common”. When establishing the brand, we hoped to foster a community that shared our love of paddleboarding, the outdoors and our brand values. As well as reflecting how we operate in the office, as a group of friends.

Bluefin SUP Community

, Bluefin SUPs: Our Community

We have aimed to connect with paddlers through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We also have a customer run paddleboard group. Through these platforms, we want to connect like-minded paddlers, learn more about this awesome sport together and have some fun sharing photos and videos of your Bluefin SUP adventures. Alongside this, we have recently established a Community Page which you can view here. The purpose of this page is to share our news, highlight what our awesome community members are doing and share relevant blog posts with you. It’s a constant working progress so you may see this page shift and change frequently as we try and figure out what is important to you.

How to get involved?

There are several ways to get involved with our Community as we jnow that not everyone uses every social media site and some of you don’t use any.

For you social butterflies:

Our Instagram account is super active and we now only post photos that YOU tag us in, or that we have been sent via email. This is honestly just because you take better photos than we do and we would much rather you show off our boards for us than we ask a model or a mate to pose for us. So tag, tag away (@bluefinsups) or use our dedicated hashtag (#bluefinsup) so we can see your pictures. We may ask you for the unedited version, as we need to make sure our feed looks somewhat cohesive (*hair flick*) but we will DM you if we need to!

, Bluefin SUPs: Our Community

Facebook gives you a couple of options. Firstly, give our Facebook Page a like and follow to keep up to date with our news, discounts and our famed ‘Customer Picture of the Week’, we aim to post something once a day (at least). Secondly, our customer-run Owners group gives you a chance to speak to Bluefin paddlers in mass. Useful for hints, tips and a natter – this group probably knows more about our boards than we do!

You can also follow us on Twitter here.

For people that want their information in one fell swoop:

As discussed previously, we now have a dedicated community page. It’s a work-in-progress but we are hoping that it will become a hub for people at every stage of their Bluefin adventure. A reference point for first-time paddlers, a meeting place for adventurers and a bit of fun for everyone. We will also give you a heads up about giveaways, discounts running and paddling pictures that we think you NEED to see.

Additionally, we are now running a bi-weekly newsletter. A mix between our informative Facebook feed and our Community page, this newsletter aims to give you the must-knows in easily digestible pieces. Delicious. Sign up here if you want to get involved.

, Bluefin SUPs: Our Community


We just want to say a big thank you to the people that have helped build our community. You guys inspire us to work harder and put out the best content we possibly can! Please keep tagging us, commenting, sharing, contributing, asking, loving and paddling as it brightens our days to see you out enjoying out boards.

Lastly, we have been trialling an ‘ambassadors program’. This is where brand-lovers get involved with us and represent Bluefin across different social platforms. If you would like to find out more about this, click here!

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