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Maintenance, Cleaning and Storing a paddle board

Jenny Buckley |

I have owned my Bluefin Cruise 10’8 for almost 3 years now and I love it. Paddleboards are a great way to get out on the water and enjoy nature. The health benefits of being in the water are well documented, and paddleboards offer a great way to get in some exercise while enjoying nature. But with anything, it is important that you take the time to properly care for it. It’s easy to look after, keep well maintained, and in good condition with a few simple, and easy-to-do tips, which I have written down and would very much like to share with you.

After each use – paddle board maintenance

After each time I use my board I like to do the following things to keep it in tip-top shape. First of all, I always take along with me a pump-action pressurised water bottle filled with cold water and a little eco-friendly soap. I use this as it’s one of the best ways to clean the paddleboard after each use. It helps to get rid of any bits of dirt, debris and micro-organisms that may have gotten on my board and paddle while out on the water.

I then give the board and paddle a wipe down using my small micro fibre towel. 

Then I leave the board to deflate and dry off a little more, before folding it and packing it back up.

If the board hasn’t had a chance to completely dry out before I pack it away, when I get home I will take it out and leave it unrolled in my spare room to dry the deck out fully, in order to avoid mould. Once it’s dry, I will roll it back up and keep it stored in the carry bag as usual.

Thorough Cleaning paddle board

If the board has gotten particularly dirty or muddy when I have been out, I will do the standard rinse and clean straight after I use it but then also give it an extra clean and scrub at home, using the same eco soap and additionally a scrubbing brush. I don’t use anything too abrasive so as not to damage the board and seals, just something with soft bristles is good. I use this just to make sure it is extra clean into all the little nooks and crannies, and then rinse and wipe dry with the micro fibre towel. 

All this is done while inflated and then I will leave it to fully dry inflated and then pack it down and store it in the same way as usual once it is dry.

Storing a paddle board

I always keep my board rolled up and stored neatly in the storage bag with the paddle and all other bits of kit. I keep it indoors in my spare room as I don’t have any external proper storage at home. I also don’t have anywhere to keep it stored inflated either, so storing my inflatable sup deflated in the bag rolled has always worked out well for me. Saves on space and so far so good, this hasn’t caused any issues with the board and I have access to it all year round for paddles whenever I like.

I think it is always best just to keep it simple. There doesn’t need to be some elaborate and expensive way to do this. Simple is key, and I have never had any issues with my board caring for it in this way. It’s super easy and logical really when you think about it. Also looking after your board this way after each use stops you from carrying micro-organisms from one water body to another which obviously isn’t good, so it is good for your paddle board maintenance and good for the environment that you paddle in.

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