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Welcome to the Bluefin SUP Community Page! This page is for you; customers old and new, Bluefin SUP fans or people just wanted to see how awesome our SUP boards are. We want this page to be a place for paddlers to connect, offer SUP tips and find out about our latest Bluefin HQ news.


Our SUP spotlight highlights a stand-out Bluefin Paddler that we think you need to check-out. This months SUP Spotlight is on Kirsten Alexis (@kirstenalexisadventures⁠)!

SUP Community, SUP Community
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Our favourite part, find out about how you SUP. Everyone paddles differently, whether it’s just for fun, to race or even just to spend more time with your pooch! Have a read of how some of our Bluefin Paddlers use their boards.

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Paddleboarding allows you to explore places you could never reach by foot. Our team alongside members of our Bluefin SUP Community have suggested awesome SUP Spots in their local area, which you should definitely try out?

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Yoga is great for flexibility, fitness and your overall health. Add a SUP and it’s fun too! Have a read of the posts below to find out more about how your Community ‘asanas’!


When you’re a Bluefin Paddler you don’t just get an awesome SUP, you become part of an even more amazing Community. Get involved: